Gears of War Giveaway – Sing it, Win it

So you haven’t played the hottest title on the Xbox 360 so far huh?  Well, here’s your chance to win the game that has communities and media everywhere foaming at the mouth.  I’ve played the title and I can safely say that Gears of War delivers on every bit of the hype driving it before release.

Gears of War

I thought I’d have some fun with this giveaway.  I hope it will carry over to the show and give the community a little humor in between.  So I introduce to you…Gears of War Idol.  Everyone has seen the commercial right?  It’s on the TV, internet and was even available to download on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Gears of War Idol is just as it sounds for the most part.  In order to win this game, all you have to do is record yourself singing the first few lines of the commercial.  If you’re reading this, you have a PC and a built in microphone or one of your own so there shouldn’t be any excuse about not being able to record a simple .wav or .mp3 file for this. 

It’s that easy.  You don’t have to be an award winning singer so don’t worry.  This is just for fun.  I’ll pick the winner and you’ll find yourself on the show…in fact, everyone who participates will be.  So if you have any issues with being heard on the show, then don’t play Gears of War Idol.

So let’s have some fun!  Record your audio and email it today!  It shouldn’t be too hard.  The problem is if you all are man or woman enough to sing without worrying about how silly you’ll sound.  Gears of War isn’t for the shy gamers so this should be easy.  Fire up your PC, head to an audio program (Sound Recorder etc), record, save and send…simple.

And don’t forget that Unscripted 360 has audio comments!  You can record your entry straight from the site and submit your comment with the audio attached.  I’m making this way too easy for you to be involved huh?  Don’t worry about how you sound…remember this is all for fun.

Gears of War Idol ends soon.  November 30.

What are the lyrics to the song?

All around me are familiar faces,
Worn out places,
Worn out faces,
Bright and early for the daily races,
Going nowhere,
Going nowhere,
Their tears are filling up their glasses,
No expression,
No expression,
Hide my head I wanna drown my sorrow,
No tomorrow,
No tomorrow,
And I find it kind of funny,
I find it kind of sad,
The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had,
I find it hard to tell you,
I find it hard to take,
When people run in circles it’s a very very,
Mad world,
Mad world…

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They call me "The Velvet Voice". I'm a Microsoft Xbox MVP and Author of the Day 8 New Human War book series on I like sunshine, games and large amounts of money. You can follow me on Twitter @deaconblade. Take a look at my About Me Bio for more on what I do.

64 Responses to “ Gears of War Giveaway – Sing it, Win it ”

  1. but deac that actually takes work : (

  2. lol…lazy!

  3. Heh, he, he. Time to record the commercial! Muaha ha hah ha!

  4. Ok, I think I will have to try stepping up to the mic again tonight and recording something. I’ll tell you what, if I win, I don’t want to take the prize but… I do actually want to have the opportunity to actually play Deacon!!!! :-) LOL oh and Sirharper and FatSteveIrwin needs to join us too!

  5. have at it guys. can’t wait to hear some…i might just send things off to Epic and Microsoft to show the dedication you guys have…;)

  6. Ah, good show

    Will this last till tomorrow? Might not be a great idea to start singing in the middle of the night lol

    /me hates timezones

  7. Good idea. Until I can track down “Mad World” from “Donnie Darko” or until Microsoft/Epic come out with a cd of “Gears of War” with it on it, I had to settle for the “Tears for Fear” version. Wow…I mean….wow. I actually cried.

  8. it lasts until a winner is announced Zaam :) i plan to end it in a week or so…before November ends.

  9. I had no idea you could send sounds through email lol
    I’m in!

  10. yeah who would’ve though that haha

  11. Um yeah, Good Luck to all of the people entering. Twylyght entering, I think not!!! Twylyght + singing = people going deaf… LOL

  12. Awe dangit I totally would do this if I had a Mic for my PC!

    Seriously, I’m a musical type of guy, I would’ve had a lot of fun with this :)

  13. mics are as low as $10 these days Rham ;)

  14. And my wallets as empty as an optional calculus class.

  15. umm can i use any beat deac

  16. ofcourse…make it how/what/whatever can get you the win ;)

  17. Can I sing the Berzerker song instead? lol

    It’s wicked funny and has a direct tie-in to the game I will explain later that I doubt any of you were even aware of. ;)

  18. don’t change the tunes crazy bone. lol

  19. Well anyway…

    Here is the Berserker song by Love Among Freaks. It is found on the original soundtrack of the movie Clerks.

    Ever wonder what that Achievement “My love for you is like a truck” meant? Opening line of the song. ;)

  20. where do i upload to send it in

  21. I’ll be passing on the contest for a few reasons…

    a) I have not seen the commercial you speak of and have no idea how the melody flows.

    b) I’ll leave the prize for the less fortunate and/or more greedy.

  22. Thats a very creative contest and funny as hell! LOL I gotta hear this..

  23. LOL yah i dunno i cant sing. I may actually crack your monitor Deac, the screeching of my voice is nothing nice fo sho!

  24. Here’s the song in it’s original form, if anyone needs it.

  25. thanks for that kmillard! yep that’s the tune guys. and if anyone doesn’t know, you can leave Audio comments here on Unscripted so if you want, you can record straight from here and submit the comment.

    :) i’ll edit the post.

  26. i tried forever for that 100 game winner. Should I ener? My voice is horiffic as it sounds exactly how i talk. But are u judging on laughing your ass off or quality

  27. both actually :) and hey you won that 100 Game contest lol

  28. man i wish i had a mic so i could enter :(

  29. hey deac did you hear mine

  30. i’m going to listen to the ones i’ve received so far tonight.

  31. alright let me know what you think about it when you do

  32. [quote comment="8914"]both actually :) and hey you won that 100 Game contest lol[/quote]
    cuz only 5 ppl really cared and nonne as much as i did

  33. you guys have some tripped out entries lol keep ‘em coming.

  34. did mine work?

  35. i’m still trying.

  36. [...] If you walk around singing that Mad World song because you can’t get it out of your head, this “Gears of War Idol” contest, sponsored by Unscripted 360, is for you. [...]

  37. I emailed my submission to you. It sucks. I’ll take the prize, though :)

  38. can we us a different beat or how can we do this

  39. or can just straight sing it

  40. you can create it however you want jaded as long as the lyrics are the same…you can rap the lyrics, speed them up, slow them down, put beats on it etc….create the song how you see fit ;)

    it’s all fun :)

  41. so did you end up getting mine to work?

  42. i sure did bz ;)

  43. oh okk balllllllin!!!!!!!!

  44. So are we aiming for the “best/accurate”, most “hilariously bad”, most “original/unique”, or what?

  45. all of the above Neo. the best way to have the most that a hilariously bad one…a really original one etc…it doesn’t matter. i won’t look for the frank sinatra of the bunch or the weird al…i’ll look for the one who obviously had the most fun :) if that makes sense lol

    stay tuned to the prize listing though because the giveaway is expanding my friend ;)

  46. [...] If you enjoyed the Gears of War commercial (and subsuquent parodies) as much as I have, you’ll definitely want to check out Gears of War Idol, the singing contest around the song from the commercial, Gary Jules’ Mad World. The prize appears to be a copy of the game, so just picture yourself serenading Marcus Fenix, and you could be controlling him soon. (via 360 Fanboy) [...]

  47. ok thanks deaconblade

  48. no problem Jaded…good luck :)

  49. [quote comment="9141"]…i’ll look for the one who obviously had the most fun :) if that makes sense lol[/quote]

    I hope you’ll look at one that’s just simple and well done! :)


  50. ofcourse i will ZK

  51. or just pick me seeing as im the only broke person without gears and my song was ballin

  52. yep yours was ballin’ for sure dude lol

  53. Hi Deac?

    I stumbled onto this site, and was had a few questions after reading a few comments/questions here. Is there any chance of an xbox giveaway along with the game, seeing how the giveaways are “expanding”? hee hee..Also, if we have to be on the show if we enter, where is the place you guys film at located? I don’t care about being on tv and embarassing myself much lol, but what if we’re not from around the area? Does that mean we get disqualified or something if we can’t show up for the airing of the show? Lastly, could you tell me apx how many entrees there have been so far?

    thx a million!!!

  54. hey Deanna…just for you i’ll expand it to include Xbox…not sure which title but i’ll give original Xbox owners some love as well…thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    and by being on the show i mean an audio recording …not sure of the details just yet..that’ll be decided upon though by those willing.

    i don’t have a count on entries yet. i’ve listened to about an hours worth of vocals though with more to listen to lol

    so don’t be shy…;)

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  56. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    whoo hoo!!!! this is so awesome! ^_^
    i’ll def give it a shot even if it means i’ll be the next female version of william hung!! lol, what a fun contest! THX a ton for organizing it!
    + good luck w/ picking out a winner out of all those clips! XD

  57. lol…go for it Deanna. :) it’s all about the fun.

  58. [...] Show outline: Gears of War Idol – 00:01 Jeff Peters – 05:20 Mad World – 33:50   Unscripted 360 Episode #21 w/Jeff Peters Superman Returns [37:13m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (4662) podPressPlayerToLoad(‘podPressPlayerSpace_333′, ‘mp3Player_333_0′, ’300:30′, ‘′); [...]

  59. [...] If you walk around singing that Mad World song because you can’t get it out of your head, this “Gears of War Idol” contest, sponsored by Unscripted 360, is for you. [...]

  60. [...] Welcome to another episode of Unscripted 360.  As you can tell from the title of the show, the results of the Gears of War Idol contest are revealed (sort of) and your favorite guest, the PS3 guy, is back.  Everyone who participated in Gears of War Idol have my thanks and appreciation.  There were close to 200 hundred entries.  It took some guts I’m sure.  It just really makes being in this community and being a gamer a lot of fun.  To have so many willing to let their hair down with fun like this is amazing. [...]

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