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Episode 139 Rise of the Tomb Raider and Fan Rage

When Phil Spencer announced that Rise of the Tomb Raider was exclusive, it sent Sony fans into a rage.  Listen in to the discussion about that plus I break down the Xbox One September update.

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Developer Interview – Adrian Price, Tetris Ultimate

Ubisoft has been a fixture in gaming just like Tetris has been a fixture in most of our hands. I wrote an article recently about Tetris and its 30 year anniversary and looking back over the history of Tetris made me want to look at how the game has been transformed for today’s audience.  To get a new perspective on the current vision of Tetris, I spoke with Ubisoft’s Adrian Price, Producer on Tetris Ultimate.

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Episode 138 EA Access examined and External Storage with Seagate

Have you run out of space on your Xbox One yet?  You probably have because these games are much larger than previous generations especially with the Blu-ray disks now.  They can hold more so the developers are definitely putting more on them.  Listen in to get the scoop on Seagate and my new portable hard drive plus I go in on EA Access and the haters.

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