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Summer Spotlight coming, new digital games

The Summer is not only hot but it’s about to be filled with a lot of new, digital games.  It’s an attack on your console starting tomorrow!  Do you want to know why I’m excited?  Because I saw a glimpse of one of my favorite cartoons ever .. He-Man!!!!  Check out the video below.

From July 29 – August 31we will be bringing you new games every week, so check back every Tuesday to discover new games to play!

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Game streaming and more on Xbox One and Windows 10

I know I’ve pointed out a few of these things before but as we approach the eventual marriage, I figured it’s worth looking at again.  Xbox One and Windows 10 will soon be married for better or worse.  I think the marriage is awesome.  I’m sure there are some who don’t.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of Windows 8 but I’ve been enjoying Windows 10 much, much more.  And with the new Xbox One features it adds, I’m loving it.

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