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Episode 135 Bungie and Activision Hating On Xbox Owners with Destiny?

Episode 135 is up for your listening pleasure.  I get right to the point with something that’s hard to argue.  Is Bungie purposely taking a shot at Xbox owners with the lack of Destiny love?  Some say it is money but I say it is much more than that.  Listen in and see if you agree or disagree with me and my esteemed group of callers .. EYEGotcha, Antiphrost and Pimp Method.

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Developer Interview – Fun and Games with Filimundus

Are you interested in playing games with your kids and learning a few things in the process?  Well, my latest sit down with Filimundus will be right up your alley.  I had a really fun time interacting with Linus and his dreams about Filimundus.  I like to open people’s eyes up to a different world in gaming and this latest Developer Interview I believe does just that.