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Skype issues on Xbox One resolved, uninstall and reinstall

Over the weekend I had a lot of issues with Skype on the Xbox One.  Those issues were reportedly fixed recently but I found out that I had to uninstall and then reinstall the Skype app to get it to work again.  Once the reinstallation was complete, I had to set Skype up all over again.  I know this might not apply to everyone but if your Skype isn’t working, try to uninstall the app and then reinstall it again.


New Xbox One Preview App Introduces Quests

Today I got a message from Xbox Live about a new Xbox Preview Dashboard app that Microsoft is delivering to some of its Preview members.  The new preview app gives you a direct link to the preview program and its features.  It gives you access to report problems quickly and take part in polls directly from the team.  One of the coolest things it does though is introduce Xbox Quests.  I know there are a lot of Achievement hunters out there and this is another thing you can keep track of.

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Episode 134 Games with Gold plus Pressing X

Episode 134 is here albeit a little short.  The usual suspects of WillieB 52 and EYEGotcha join the show and try to damage my gaming reputation.  Of course they failed though.  We talk all about your favorite subject and more.  Listen in now.

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