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Welcome to the exciting new addition to U360, the Medals Page.  Here you can find all the information needed on each medal and how to unlock them.  Some are a mystery while others are straight to the point.  Have fun unlocking each medal!

– Awarded for being a registered member of the site.  Register here.

– Awarded to registered members who have been a guest on U360′s show. This includes an appearance on either the recorded podcast or the live show.

– Awarded to registered members who have contributed over 200 comments to articles on the site.  Doesn’t pertain to the message boards.

– Awarded to registered members who have been Showcased on U360.

– Awarded to registered members who have configured plugins, design and other coding to improve the functionality of the site.

– Mystery Medal.  May the force be with you in discovering the mystery behind this medal.

– Awarded to registered members who have participated in an Unscripted Nights event over Xbox Live.

– Awarded to registered members who have downloaded U360 content from Xbox Live Marketplace.

– Awarded to registered members who have achieved a triple threat on the site. What’s a triple threat? A triple threat is having the luck of the Irish, being at an Unscripted Nights event and downloading U360 content from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

- The Puzzler.  Awarded to registered members who have added a piece to the puzzle with a published review, article or other addition.

– Awarded to registered members who have the luck of the Irish.

– Awarded to registered members who are U360 Gamer Girls. You must be a gamer and a woman (obviously) to unlock this medal.

– Awarded to registered members who are radioactive and infected.  This medal has elements that may make it contagious.

– Awarded to registered members who are across the ocean. You must be an international U360 fan to unlock this.

– Awarded to registered members who have shown outstanding web savvy by sending gaming news, tips and stories to U360.

– Awarded to registered members who have provided protective security measures to thwart alien attacks aimed at infiltrating U360.

– Awarded to registered members who have been original members since the debut of U360.

– Awarded to registered members who have spent serious time gaming with over 15,000 Gamerscore. [RETIRED]

– Awarded to registered members who have gone insane with gaming and hit 50,000 Gamerscore.

– Awarded to registered members who have participated in an’s Community Playdate featuring Deacon’s Blades. [RETIRED]

– Awarded to registered members who own a Limited Edition Resident Evil 5 Red Xbox 360 Elite console. [RETIRED]

– Co-Host on the podcast at Unscripted 360.

– Awarded to registered members who have donated and contributed to U360 on levels beyond compare. [RETIRED]

– Awarded to registered members after achieving something special via the Points system. [RETIRED]

– Awarded to registered members who have supported and purchased U360 Avatar content from the Community Collection.

– Awarded to registered members who own a Day One Xbox One console. [NEW]

– Awarded to registered members who contribute regularly in the Chat Box. [NEW]

165 Responses to “ Medals Page ”

  1. Ha, lovely..

  2. Nice Job and Great Idea!! Naturally the purple one is my favorite!

  3. Is IRISHprik411 the only one who gets the Irish one? lmao

  4. I’m 1/6th Irish, can I have the medal now? :P

  5. If my name is Pzul (pronounced Puzzle) do i get the puzzler? I’m scotch Irish too :-D

  6. I think I qualify for anything being lucky LOL!!!

  7. Wow I love a legend list to work from- this is magical. way to get us all interacting. BTW i hope to play with many of you soon using U360 Friends to be a “peeping gamer” :D …it’s ok to peep ;)

  8. peeping gamer ftw! @pzul…i never thought of that lol

  9. @snorkle, 3/8 irish here..

  10. Where do you look to see your medals?

  11. Guess i got none

  12. you have to be registered and logged in Brikz.

  13. How do you register Deacon? I can never find the registration page.

  14. I think it’s safe to say which one is my fav….lol..I must have it now…;)

    I won a monday FTW…isnt that “luck”?

  15. it’s right above the chat box ThisIs. just click the Log In link and “Register” at the bottom once you click it :)

  16. Thanks Deac. Finally got it. May I please get some medals?

  17. i think you’ve unlocked at least one more :)

  18. ok, maybe you unlocked 2 more ThisIsTheEnd ;)

  19. i get one medal :P

  20. Lets see. This is a test comment, I should have the registered and Unscripted Nights medals…

  21. And I do… =D

  22. so you doubted your unlocking skillz m4rk? or my awarding skillz? lol

  23. I believe I’ve called into the live show and participated in an Unscripted Nights event.. How do I unlock those?

    Nice job with the site too.

  24. medals unlocked Rayven ;)

  25. thanks much appreciated!

  26. Medal test

  27. you have to be registered up on the blog to unlock them Hurl ;)

  28. Sweet… the medal idea and boy am I glad to be back…..

  29. Also, I have had a showcase and been on an unscripted nights….must be because my user name and password login problem….oh well

  30. Kool medals, I’m sure there will be more in the future


  31. medals unlocked Exotic ;)

  32. medals unlocked for a quite a few..the Lucky Leaf has been awarded.

  33. Nice collection

  34. I need to get some Skype credit so I can call in on the show :)

  35. Nice addition to the site Deacon!

  36. I should get the leaf icon because I won something right?

  37. you did Charmed? what did you win?

  38. forgot about the 5IVE Now, 5IVE Later thing Charmed…medal unlocked ;)

  39. Thanks D… your the man!!! lol

    Now…what next medal shall I unlock..hmmm :)

  40. um so ya… um *shifts side to side looking down* um so ya please see forums- lol :P

  41. lol @ Danger

  42. Some interesting medals for sure…

  43. Been away from Xbox as a whole for awhile and just showing my face again lol. Pretty cool thing ya still got goin’ here, Deac. :)

  44. Forgot to sign-in somehow lol ^^^. Told ya I’ve been away from things for awhile haha.

  45. i apparently need to do a LOT more lol

  46. well, that 200 one will come fall 2008 im sure. whaha

  47. yay, 2nd row has begun for me!!!! all my medal whoring is really starting to pay off!!!!

  48. Very orginal idea, great!

  49. thx Bio. :)

  50. medals!

  51. Sweet! I got another one! Do a little dance.. Please dont infect me.. I am nowhere near being radioactive…LOL

  52. haha @ Twy

  53. How did I get the luck of the Irish?

  54. you won something lol

  55. [...] and Dan (Rez HD) come on down.  Not only do you win some goodies but you two also unlock the cool Lucky Leaf medal here on U360.  Make sure you two send me a message on XBL confirming your win otherwise as usual, [...]

  56. I’m hoping to earn a Puzzler soon… :)

  57. Yay! Tip badge, how do you get on the show?

  58. call in or join the chat.

  59. I’m registered (I think), but I don’t see the “R” medal. :(


  60. Oops… :)

  61. so shiny isn’t it :)

  62. Oooh I better start contributing more cuz i need the puzzler and tip badges :)

  63. yeah get into the game die coward ;)

  64. where beez ma girl medal? (sad face)

  65. it beez right thurr ;)

  66. ok… I’m all “official” now. Tell her what she’s won! hee hee hee

  67. ooooh I likey! Don’t forget I have all female parts and was part of the XgX lineup on Ep #50!

  68. finally the real Harlequin has come :)

  69. You know I luvs you :) Don’t tell Peter. hahaha

  70. ahh he wouldn’t mind..i mean i’m the Unscripter ya know lol ;)

  71. So close to the “3X” medal…just need to join an event, though might be tricky as most are at around 4am for me.

  72. yep you’re close JC ;)

    with you, i’ll have to arrange some times to make that more possible i see.

  73. when is there gonna be another unscripted nights…ive never been involved in one before.

  74. should be soon Biggie :)

  75. [...] a little appreciation for the community and all the support you guys give.  You can check out the Medals Page for a list of all medals available to [...]

  76. @deacon, yeah, maybe we could do an Unscripted event that is user friendly for euro members?
    Cause I need that medal, and it would be fun to see what an unscripted night event is like.

  77. Lol some of those medals have funny descriptions. How often do you have unscripted nights?

  78. as often as i can really.

  79. Are you going to do earlier ones, so me and other euro members can join in?

  80. @Commander, yep i sure am my friend :)

  81. Thanks Deacon. :D

  82. I have over 15K in Gamerscore…

  83. Cool new medals I get the 15.000 one

  84. cool

  85. mmm forgot to add, i have the downloaded u360 content medal ><

  86. yay for new medals!!

  87. oh noes! i dont have the 15k medal.

  88. i noticed i got the 15k medal. thanks deacon!!!

  89. w00t for lots of medals

  90. @Leave, no problem dood :)

    @ZaaM, yeah Mr. I Have 2 Rows. lol

  91. I love these – this is awesome. Thx for the Puzzler!

  92. sweet got another medal!! Woot!!!

  93. so im brand new here… how exactly do these work do they register automatically or is there somewhere that i have to send the information?

  94. all you have to do is comment and they appear :) (those that you quality for of course)

    oh and thx for coming on board!

  95. Cool…new here, but now have more medals to collect to go along with the achievements.

  96. welcome aboard DahlKen ;)

  97. =D new here aswell, I hope I get along with people ^-^

  98. well you’ve already unlocked two additional medals Joker ;)

  99. medals rule

  100. morte medal Hahahaahahahah

  101. medal whores!!! haha

  102. ahhh i got a new medal and no noe told me that is proposterous sweet!!!

  103. how do i get the medals

    gmertag is: jakhr

  104. Haha I only have 2

  105. hey um so about the medals do i have to ask to get them? like the 15k gamerscore?

  106. Hey Deacon how come you dont have your own medal saying something like im the ruler of this site! or something in that general area haha

  107. @Tony, lol i was going to give myself one but then i decided my fancy black background when i post a comment is cool enough ;)

  108. [...] a good feeling to have you guys and girls contribute to the blog.  (even those of you who do it just for Medals you Medal freaks)  Here’s another community driven article from your very own ShiftTab.  [...]

  109. just reached 15,000 gamerscore!, but no medal, :(

  110. yah, new medal!

  111. new medal ftw ;)

  112. i’m such a medal/achievement whore

  113. damb it took me a while to find this page

  114. Ok idk if this is the page for this but if its possible you should add medals! like how they add achievements to games :) im thinking something along the lines of
    15,000 GS = medal
    30,000 GS = medal
    50,000 GS = medal
    idk would be cool :)

  115. lol @ Tony. i’m in the process of getting some new medals out ;)

  116. These medals are addicting. I will probably go buy the marketplace things right now.

  117. once you start they will turn you into a medal fiend/whore lol :)

  118. Glad to see I got a couple more. :)

  119. Woot for awards :D

  120. another medal whore is born :)

  121. hey, i have over 15k gamerscore =O ..but no medal.. how do they unlock?

  122. easily :)

  123. lol, its magic

  124. indeed it is…;)

  125. You know, Deacon, I should have the international medal, as I’m trully outside the US…

  126. that’s not what your gamercard says :)

  127. lol, how are you supposed to know if they have a limited edition resident evil 5 console or not?

  128. they send me pics of their console that’s how :)

  129. ahh, i see lol

  130. Looking for a 75k gamerscore medal. Can you make one for me since my Red Elite medal is bye bye?

  131. geez that’s quite the score Hazy lol

  132. rawr, i need more medals! lol, still cant believe i missed the show =[ are we goin’ regular though now Deac?

  133. Haha I’m on a plane! Stats & goodies, love ‘em.

  134. Deac, I am overseas, in the UK, do I not get an overseas medal? Haha

  135. ofcourse you do :)

  136. Deac, I haz 15k gamerscore now. Cheers

  137. Deac? I now have over 15k gamerscore. Would you be so kind as to unlock my medal? Thank you Sir

  138. you’re welcome. :)

  139. cookies

  140. :)

  141. Oooh, I have 15 and 50,000+ Gamerscore. This is win and results in medals!

  142. indeed it does Tae.. medals unlocked :)

  143. [...] you’ll be given 5 points.  There is no maximum number of points per month but there is a special medal for reaching a certain point plateau.  If you reach it, that medal will automatically unlock so [...]

  144. ooooo, new medal bitches! :D

  145. hope to get that new point system medal

  146. dude, im not sure if the PPP medal is just unlocked from a certain amount of points. cause I just hit a ton last month lol. idk

  147. I too am wondering how you get the PPP medal?

  148. I like my question marks………..I just keep telling myself that!!

  149. I’m missing a few medals, Deacon, what’s your price? lol ;)

  150. lifetime support Vigor! :)

  151. So when I’m dead, I’ll get my medals? :(

  152. what medals?

  153. I’ll have the 50K badge on discount.

    I am Commander Shepard and this is my favorite Website on the Citadel.

  154. haha .. well then i shall aware thee thy medal Commander :)

  155. Hi! I passed the 15,000 Gamerscore medal some time ago.

    It’s no so hard compared with some gamers here, but it’s very well considering my free time.


  156. How do you start earning medals?

  157. just by posting and well reading the description of the medals :) you have to register first though so it’ll track you properly.

  158. Damn i didnt get my medal for hitting 15k gamerscore!!

  159. Deac can I get my avatar content medal please please… I am rockin my U360 hoodie :D

  160. yes ma’am :)

  161. yes you did tricky (late lol)


  163. Well I should get teh chat box one. Wont be getting the Day one xbox one. LOL. Where is the PS4 one bitch.

  164. lol like the new medals!

  165. medal whore :)

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