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Target Giving 3X (Triple) Trade In Value

Let’s get right down to it.  Target is giving folks three times the value of games when you trade them in.  That’s triple the value of whatever your game is worth at the time of trading it in.  So if you have a game that trades in for $15, Target will give you $45 for it.

I’m not the biggest fan of trading games in but I have a few stinkers that I’m definitely going to get rid of now. Thanks to UNSCRIPTED XBOX’s own DragoonXGears for the info!

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Xbox One_Box Shot

Xbox One Without Kinect For $399 Plus Netflix Without Gold

There’s a lot to process right now coming out of the Microsoft Xbox camp but I’ll just sum it up.  There’s an Xbox One without Kinect coming next month in June for $399.  And then what I preached about in my article “What Can Xbox Do To Win E3” has come true.  Netflix and many other apps are no longer behind Xbox Live Gold.  Lastly, free games are coming to Xbox One.

Don’t believe me? Just watch … and read below.

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What Can Xbox Do To Win E3?

When the curtains open and Microsoft takes the stage they have to be ready for a new war. If it wasn’t obvious during last year’s E3, then the months after should have made it clear that they are no longer the darlings of the console world. Where the Xbox 360 succeeded, the Xbox One is now an unknown. There was a community around the Xbox 360 that overshadowed anything that Sony could do with its PlayStation 3. Game after game after game on the Xbox 360 was outperforming the PS3 and doing so handily. Developer after developer after developer focused on the Xbox 360 above all else.

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