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Schedules and recaps of the hottest nights on Xbox LIVE.

Unscripted Nights return with Halo 3, Friday!

Remember the greatest night of all time when we sat around Elephant Pimpin’ during the first Unscripted Nights Halo 3 event?  You knew the return would happen at some point and what better way to celebrate the latest chapter of Halo than revisiting Halo 3!  

With the launch of the most anticipated game (Halo: Reach) this year drawing closer, it only made sense for the most anticipated gathering on Xbox Live to return.  Unscripted Nights is on this Friday!  I want to invite everyone to an Unscripted Nights event with me and the U360 community. 

When: Friday, September 3
Game: Halo 3

How do I join?

Simple. Send me a message via or Xbox Live with “Halo 3″ and I’ll get you in the game. Or heck…if you see me on…just join my session.  I’ll be posting a number of Gamertags in fact to look out for during the event this Friday.  You’ll be able to message any of them to participate. 

If you want your Gamertag listed, let me know.  Having it listed means you’re okay with hosting during the event.

Unscripted Nights Halo 3 Gamertags

DeaconBlade 360

Comic-Con, Wings and more

It was a ridiculous weekend filled with late night XP hunts and joyful celebration.  The late night boosting during the Gears of War 2 massive XP increase was both tedious and fun.  We ran into a lot of cool people playing the game but also ran into some complete asshats.  However, when I finally reached level 100 in Gears of War 2 and earned my star/wings…it was so worth it! 

I want to give a big shout out to BPD 007, x352, Pilex, Irish Tirade, SugarRy, No Hands 55, GameSkills, Shonuff2035 and all the other fellow XP gamers this weekend.  It was glorious!  A few of you unlocked new medals as well so check out your comments to see the new shine.

Well it’s back to normal now and that means it’s back to regular work weeks.  I’m hoping that we’ll be able to do a show this weekend so make sure you set aside some time for Saturday to come out and hang with me and the crew.  We’ll be live and in full effect so call in!

So Comic-Con is over in San Diego and all the geeks are home.  What did you hear or see that has you excited?  I’m super excited about the Avengers movie!

Gears of War 2, 20XP event details!

COG TOWN™!  (yeah that’s my trademark shout for Gears of War)

Remember that little 8XP Gears of War 2 event that took place a few weeks ago? Well Epic Games is back with a ridiculous San Diego Comic Con inspired event that will dish out 20XP for all multiplayer modes on Gears of War 2!

For those of you who are only interested in Horde Mode like myself, then here are the wave details. Waves 1-9 will be a Boomer Family Reunion (yeah a mixture of Grinders, Butchers, Maulers, Boomers etc…shit) and Wave 10 will be all Bloodmounts!

Damn you Rod and Epic Games!  I guess I can’t complain too much but I was really hoping for a Ticker explosion again.  It’s time to man up.

If you still have the game, don’t hesitate to join in on some Unscripted Nights Gears of War 2 COG TOWN™ showdown action!  We’ll be playing pretty much each night during the event which lasts throughout SDCC (July 22-25).

This is going to be insane going up against all those damn Boomers!  Let’s do it!  The XP boost begins at approximately 9:30AM PST today!

Community Playdate Returns, Gimme Gamertags

Unscripted 360 is back on a Community Playdate this month and I need to know who is down to add their Gamertag to the list of people representing U360 during this bonanza?  It’s been quite a while since the first Community Playdate (yes we were the very first Community Playdate ever) but we’re back!


For those of you who don’t know, your Gamertag will be listed on the Xbox Dashboard as “Gamertags to look for” during the event.  During the last U360 Community Playdate we had 23 Gamertags.  If you’re up for helping out during the event, just email me or post a comment here that you’re in.

The Community Playdate is slated for December 27 and the game will be Left 4 Dead 2.

Let me know if you want to help out!  The last event had people getting all kinds of friend’s requests so if you’re okay with that, then I’d love to list your Gamertag on the official Playdate page on the Dashboard.

We’re also working alongside FiftyOne Marketing to coordinate another Invasion at the same time.  So it’ll be a double whopper of a good time!

Farenheit Friday, Modern Warfare 2, Win Codes!

Are you boys and girls ready to report to duty with the dynamic duo of Irish and Pilex?  They’re gathering their guns with the safety off tonight for some action and some free swag!  Here’s what the boys have to say….

Prik-n-Lex Farenheit Friday

Gamertags to Look for: IrishTirade and Pilex

Irish and I have decided to turn up the heat on the U360 community bringing you the hottest games coupled with enough alcohol to make even the lamest party seem like animal house.  The community has come together in a big way and we are gonna keep it moving.  Come out tonight at 9:30 PM EST for Modern Warfare 2.  We will be partying it up and putting together “the big game” with the members of our community.  Slap on your U360 clan tag and join up for a fun time.


We will be giving away at least 3 COD:MW2 gamerpic codes throughout the evening and have tagged a response number on this article to make everyone involved is eligible for the Friday the 13th – Farenheit Friday freebie, a special prize exclusively for U360 members new and old.

So if you’re not a member,  sign up and get your copy of Modern Warfare 2 polished off and come play while Irish and I.  We do not condone anyone under the legal drinking age to participate in drinking with us.  Those of you who are of age, kick back and have a beverage, have some fun with people who aren’t screaming at their moms about their bedtimes…gear up for the bloodiest Friday the 13th you’ll ever see.

Update:  The status of this game has now been fully upgraded to insane, Irish and I are constructing a command center in my basement for this event… more to come.

Unscripted Nights Return, COG TOWN! Aug. 15

The best nights on Xbox LIVE have finally returned to a console near you.  (a console that’s really, really near you)  Unscripted Nights return on August 15th for some wicked fun on Gears of War 2 and the new maps that just released with the All Fronts Collection/Dark Corners.  It’s time for some COG TOWN baby!


Game Schedule: Gears of War 2 Horde Mode (and others)
Time: 8:00 PM CST – until we quit
Date: Saturday, August 15

How to Join: Look for me on Xbox LIVE & send me a message saying ‘Unscripted Nights’ to join in.  I’ll shoot an invite your way or someone else will.

It’s been a while since we’ve all gathered and had some fun so mark this day on your calendars!  I’ll be there.  Dangerdoll will be there.  So that means you better be there!  Horde Mode is about to get real.

As with every Unscripted Nights event, when the fun is done with the main game we’ll switch it up if we have time.  I’m thinking of ending the event with some Splosion Man.  I hope to see everyone there.  If you have any questions, let me know.  COG TOWN!