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Episode 81 Iron Man 2: The Video Game with SEGA

Iron Man 2 fans….get ready for the inside scoop on Iron Man 2: The Video Game from the folks at SEGA.  Unscripted 360 was invited to sit down on a conference call with the folks behind the game and we have a little bit of the audio from the call to listen in on.


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Show spokespeople:

Dean Martinetti, Producer, SEGA
Mike McHale, Development Director, SEGA
Chase from Access Communications, Moderator

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Truth Serum – SpaceGhost2K’s Enlightenment vs Mike’s Rage

This place is all about community involvement so I’m bringing a special edition of Truth Serum straight from another community friend.  Fellow Xbox MVP, SpaceGhost2K, contacted me about contributing a more in depth response to a recent feature we had here at U360 called Mike’s Rage.  There’s history between these two apparently and that battle is about to be played out for all to see.

Who makes the bigger point?  Who’s right?  You decide.

SpaceGhost2K’s Elightenment

Mikewarrior, author of the recent “Mike’s Rage” articles, and I have been known to go at each other via PM’s at

He started it.

Most of the things he addressed in his three-part article, like digital downloads and used games, have been beaten to death by us in our long-winded dialogs.  In fact, when he mentioned that “some gamers even argue to defend it”, I am reasonably certain he was talking about me.  Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after me, right?

I didn’t see any information about who this “Mikewarrior” guy is.  I mean, I know him, but most of you probably don’t. To you, he’s just a guy.  So I’m going to tell you who I am – not so I come across as “better than Mike” but just so you know where my point-of-view comes from.

I was the Xbox Field Merchandising rep for a year-and-a-half over the launch of the original Xbox, where I was privy to a limited amount of “behind the scenes” access. I ran a game store for a couple of years and we carries new and used product, offered a discount card, took preorders, etc.  I’m one of the top 15 most active posters at, out of over 200,000 registered members.  And like Deaconblade, I was awarded the Microsoft Xbox MVP (“Most Valuable Professional”) Award for my positive contributions to the online gaming community.  Currently, I’m walking that fine line between being in the industry and being an outsider.  I consider myself pro-Xbox (I even won “Fanboy of the Year” once at TXB) but I have no problem calling them on an issue… and oh, brother, do they gots issues.

All this to say that as a gamer, and with ties to Microsoft, I’m in a unique position to see it from both sides, so that’s where my comments come from – someone who can see it from both sides.

Win Vancouver 2010, play the games before the games

The Olympic Games are set to being this week in Vancouver and countries across the world will begin their quest towards Olympic Gold (or Silver or Bronze ya never know).  Haven’t you always wanted to be there and pretend that you were indeed an Olympic athlete?  I know I have and the truth is, I did just that!  Yep, I played in the Vancouver Olympic Games already and you should know what I mean.

The closest Olympic experience I’ve ever played in a video game was with SEGA’s Vancouver 2010.  The game is truly a great representation of the events you’ll be seeing in Vancouver.  Do you want your shot at Olympic Gold?  I have two copies of Vancouver 2010 to grant access to the Olympics for two wannabe Olympians.

How can I compete in Vancouver 2010?

Simple.  Leave a message, send me an email or hit me up on Xbox LIVE with what you think is the best event in the Winter Olympics?  You can check out the complete list of events at the official site for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games.

I’ll pick two winners this Friday when the Olympic Cauldron is lit.  Good luck athletes.  I look forward to seeing you on Xbox LIVE so we can compete!


Winners: rainmaker2112, jeanne cruz

Aliens Vs Predator MP Demo

Hell yeah bring this shit on!  Okay I know that was a little rough and exciting but I’ve been waiting on this game since the screenshots first hit back in May 2009.  I’ve seen every Aliens movie and every Predator movie and every Aliens Vs Predator movie so yeah I’m pumped up!  I really hope that SEGA and Rebellion deliver a great experience.  I think I’ll start off as the Predator.  What say you?  Will you choose Alien, Predator or Marine?

And ofcourse you can queue the demo up right here to have it ready for you when you fire up your console.  Sorry Silver members, this one is Gold exclusive as well.  You’ll have to wait your turn.

Vancouver 2010 Review

Developer: Eurocom Development Ltd.
Publisher: SEGA
Rating Guide: How I Review Games


Are you ready for the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver this year?  I have some exciting news for you.  You don’t have to be an athlete competing in the events.  The reason for that is because SEGA and Eurocom have given gamers the next best thing to watching the games on television or being at the ceremonies.  You want the Winter Games?  I have them right here!

Vancouver 2010 is the closest you’ll get to the Winter Games without actually competing.

Gameplay, Graphics and Sound

I must admit that I haven’t played a video game that managed to capture the essence of competition in the Olympics quite like Vancouver 2010.  When this game was first announced, I was eagerly anticipating it.  It looked great and I was so ready to play a game that seemed like it wouldn’t disappoint.  Well, it didn’t.  I expected to be an A button pressing maniac but they managed to make it without having to destory any A buttons in the process.

The game gives you the chance to compete in Alpine Skiing events, Ski Jumping, Freestyle Skiing, Snowboard, Bobsleigh, Skeleton, Luge and Short Track Speed Skating.  There are men’s and ladies events scattered throughout the events.  For example, during the Alpine Skiing competition there is the Men’s Downhill, Men’s Super-G and the Ladies’ Giant Slalom and Ladies’ Slalom.  So you get to experience both sides.  I figured I’d break that down for those of you unfamiliar with the Winter Games.  The only thing missing was some sort of story mode or something that gave you a little bit of interaction with the player you choose to compete with.

Replay 3WM by SEGA of America.

Before each event you’ll have the option to go on a Tutorial in order to get used to the event.  You can do this until you feel like you’re good to go.  One of my favorite events to compete in was the Men’s Downhill.  I wish I could explain how cool it was skiing downhill at excessive speeds hoping that I didn’t crash into the hard snow.  You have to time your launch from the platform just right with the A button and then build up power by tapping A repeatedly.  That’s the extent of the A button nightmares.  In order to steer and navigate, you use both analog sticks.  Holding the L trigger lets you carve and take sharp corners while the R trigger increases speed as you crouch down.

The controls in each event are really that simple.  The only one I had issues with was the Ladies’ Aerials.  For some reason I just couldn’t execute any of the backflips or twists.  But I guess that’s my own inexperience.  I’ll master it eventually.

There are also challenges you can play through in the Challenge Mode.  This lets you choose a mountain and compete in various challenges from the events in the game.  There is an Easy, Intermediate and Advanced mountain to choose from.  Naturally you have to unlock and conquer as you go.  You’ll want to do this because of the Achievements I’m sure but it does provide a lot of fun with the specific things you have to do especially the time-based challenges.

Visually the game was truly impressive.  Each of the athletes looked great and the events themselves were authentic recreations of the actual Olympic games themselves.  Try the Luge event with yourself slightly tilted back as you play.  It’s awesome!  I can’t say enough about how detailed the events were and how it managed to get the adrenaline racing in me while playing.

Xbox LIVE Extras

Who’s the best in the world?  You’ll get to find out because you can compete online against other playes across the world with Vancouver 2010.  How cool will it be to start your own Olympic competition with friends?  There are simple Player Matches and Ranked Matches to compete in so choose wisely if you’re a leaderboard type of person.


Vancouver 2010 is the best Olympic game I’ve ever played!  If you want to get an early taste of the Winter Games coming up this month, then go out and buy this game.  It’ll give you the closest feel of what these events are like.  I felt like I was really skiing down dangerous, icy mountains.  Visually it’s impressive and it managed to capture the speed and adrenaline of the competition.  I wish there were more events but then I’m not on the Olympic committee so I can’t change the number of games included.  One can dream though.

When Hugh Binns, Director of Eurocom Development Ltd., said that Vancouver 2010 would set a new standard for the Olympic-themed video games genre he wasn’t kidding.

Bayonetta Review


Developer: Platinum Games
Publisher: SEGA
Rating Guide: How I Review Games


I will admit that I had my doubts when SEGA first revealed Bayonetta.  My inner man-person was totally into the idea of a heroine with nothing but hair covering her body.  But my inner gamer-person was telling me that there was no way I’d be into another Devil May Cry clone with a woman in it.  Today I’m here to tell you that the old saying “never judge a book by its cover” fits perfectly with Bayonetta.

This game is a freakish ride of action, combos and violence that I just couldn’t get enough of!  Are you ready for the baddest asskicker of all female video game personalities?

Gameplay, Graphics and Sound

Bayonetta takes place in Vigrid, a fictional city in Europe, during a time that two factions of warriors that were at odds.  You had the Lumen Sages (followers of light) and the Umbra Witches (naturally followers of the darkness.  Bayonetta just so happens to have been born of both so you can imagine her struggle especially after suffering some memory loss of what the hell happened to her.

The journey begins with an epic battle that she and a fellow Umbra Witch, Jeanne, are engaged in.  When the initial battle sequence is over, you find yourself on a quest to find the Left Eye and Right Eye which are the two distinct treasures that the factions shared.  If you’re familiar with games like Devil May Cry, then you’ll likely be right at home controlling Bayonetta.  She has a mixture of combination attacks that make even Dante jealous.  I can’t even begin to describe how massive and devastating her attacks and combos are.  It’ll take some time to master them but once you do, it’s a sight to see.  I guess though that the number of attacks and how hectic the action is may be a problem for some.

You can string together viciousness in a way that shouldn’t be allowed.  And I haven’t even mentioned the fact that Bayonetta has guns on her boots so even when she’s kicking, she’s dishing out double the damage.  The guns are her primary weapons and they’re called Scarborough Fair.  Crafted by her good friend Rodin, the guns are named Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.  How cute eh?  Rodin is where you purchase new weapons, items and attacks. 

Bayonetta is a gorgeous display of panic and chaos.  One of my favorite moves to do was a Witch Time attack which slowed down the action a bit and let you pick off enemy after enemy.  There’s nothing like slowing down the action or watching a huge high hell come crashing down on monsters.

I’m telling you that she has an arsenal at her disposal that includes typical weapons to concocting compounds (she’s a witch afterall).  The collection of treasures and such was a bit tedious but the action kept you busy enough that it wasn’t much of an issue.  And the environments and stages were so “busy” themselves that you didn’t have much time to do anything but kick ass.

The enemies in the game were a good mixture of small to large.  You definitely go into many battles thinking how the hell am I going to defeat this huge beast.  The boss battles were that epic.  Another thing I liked was during the loading when you were able to practice a few moves before the action began. 

Xbox LIVE Extras

Bayonetta doesn’t have any action online unfortunately.


Bayonetta was definitely a “hair” rasing experience.  Imagine everything you enjoy about the Devil May Cry series and inject it with a lot of adrenaline and that’s what you’ll get with Bayonetta.  The action is faster, the combos are an event in themselves and plus Bayonetta herself is hot.  She has guns on her boots for crying out loud!

I think we have the next great action title on our hands ladies and gentlemen.  Bayonetta, complete with an outfit full of hair, is all win.