November NPD Sales, 360 Gears Up!

November NPD Sales, 360 Gears Up!

November 2008 NPD numbers are in and the Xbox 360 increases its worldwide lead over Sony’s PlayStation 3.

September NPD Sales - The Force is Strong

September NPD Sales – The Force is Strong

Who wins the battle for September in this heated console war?

August NPD Sales - Not

August NPD Sales – Not “Too” Impressive

You knew the time would come when Denis and the Silicon Knights crew would have to see the results of their hard work and see just where they stood in hopes of making Too Human a trilogy.  If first impressions mean anything, then it seems the majority of the gaming world wasn’t “too” impressed with […]

Hell’s Highway Hand’s On at Gearbox Party

I got invited to Gearbox Software’s Victory Party to celebrate their two upcoming games Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway and Samba de Amigo (Wii).  There’s nothing like a little gaming mixed with some music, women, DJ Jazzy Jeff and partying.  I had VIP status so I got to chill in the VIP room and get some […]

E3 2008 Highlights Recap

The sun has set on this year’s E3 and it’s now time to name the winners, losers and what the best of the show was.  All this of course is according to little old me.  So let’s start this week off with a look back to what July 14-17 brought to the gaming world. Microsoft […]

June NPD Sales – PlayStation 3 Soars

I suppose an eye patch wearing hero can indeed make a difference in hardware sales much moreso than any foreign gangster could.  Metal Gear Solid 4 helped the PlayStation 3 pull off its largest monthly win to date over the Xbox 360.  MGS 4 was the highest selling game for the month. The PS3 managed […]