Dark Sector

Dark Sector & Smallville’s Michael Rosenbaum

I’m a big Smallville fan so you can imagine how much more excited in Dark Sector I was when D3Publisher announced that Michael Rosenbaum, aka Lex Luthor, would be the voice of Hayden.  They sent along a cool video of Lex in the studio that I have for you guys and girls to check out.

Dark Sector Webisode #4

D3Publisher of America unveils the 4th of 5 webisodes surrounding Hayden and their upcoming title, Dark Sector.  I’ve been following this one and what they’re doing with the glaive that Hayden uses.  The upgrades/powers seem pretty interesting so far and the game’s release is right around the corner. Dark Sector is D3 Publisher’s upcoming action-thriller […]

Dark Sector Screenshots

February is right around the corner and that means it’ll be time for Hayden and his glaive.  Will this contend for top honors next year?  It has that dark, gritty feel to it that just might make it stand out amongst the rest next year.  D3Publisher of America has the latest batch of media for […]

Dark Sector Webisode #2

D3Publisher unveiled the second webisode for the upcoming game, Dark Sector. Brutal and sexy returns! You can check out the first webisode in this series right here if you missed out. I’m expecting some good things from Dark Sector. If they can fine tune the controls and make the glaive powers interesting, this could be […]

Dark Sector Webisode #1

D3Publisher of America sent the first of many webisodes surrounding the upcoming title, Dark Sector.  You all should remember my impressions of Dark Sector a little while ago from PAX.  It’s brutal and sexy.  I think it’s shaping up to be a very interesting title.  Webisode #1 reveals Hayden’s mentor and a clue to Hayden’s fate […]

U360′s Best of PAX

Rock Band Developer: Harmonix Publisher: EA Release date: Nov 2007 If lines for miles are any indication, I’d say that Rock Band was a highly sought after title during the show.  Hundreds of fans stood in line for a chance to rock out on stage with the game.  I had a few sessions of rockitude […]