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Remember Me, remixing contest, win an Xbox 360

I don’t know how many of you are musical geniuses but there’s a really cool contest for Remember Me being held by Capcom.  You can read my review of Remember Me to find out what I thought of the game.


Head for and become part of the Remember Me Music Remix Contest which launches across Europe and North America today. Based on the internationally acclaimed soundtrack for Remember Me by Olivier Deriviere, participants can download the track “Fragments” and all of its musical stems for free then remix it to create a brand new musical memory.

By entering a uniquely remixed tune contestants could be in the running to win a one of a kind vinyl LP featuring their winning track in a custom made sleeve with exclusive artwork from videogame developer DONTNOD Entertainment’s Art Director– Aleksi Briclot. Winners will also receive a copy of the Remember Me videogame and gaming console of their choice, the official Remember Me artbook and assorted merchandise. There are two chances to win so contestants should get their entries in now! Entries will be freely available to download from the music remix site and contestants can vote on their favorite, helping to crown the winner.

Dungeons & Dragons Chronicles of Mystara Review


Developer: Iron Galaxy Studios
Publisher: Capcom
Rating Guide: How I Review Games


I’ve had the pleasure of playing Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara for nearly two weeks now.  The game just hit the Xbox Live Arcade and I hope you’ll all at least give the demo a try.  The game consists of some classic titles in the Dungeons & Dragons universe.  Do you remember Tower of Doom and Shadow of Mystara from the 90’s?  If so, then you’ll be right at home with the combination of the two in Chronicles of Mystara.

I’m generally not a fan of these HD remakes but sometimes it’s fun to revisit the golden years of gaming.  I won’t get into the story of the game because in this genre, it’s all about how things play and the action.  Chronicles of Mystara is very competent when it comes to the action.  It’s straightforward hacking and slashing with a few things tossed in to make it a bit different.

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Remember Me Review


Developer: DONTNOD Entertainment
Publisher: Capcom
Rating Guide: How I Review Games


Let me paint a picture for you.  You’re in Neo-Paris and the year is 2084. Personal memories can now be digitized, bought, sold and traded. The last remnants of privacy and intimacy have been swept away in what appears to be a logical progression of the explosive growth of social networks at the beginning of the 21st century.

You live in a time where memories are the most precious commodity.  There are an elite group of people called memory hunters with the ability to rob your mind and steal (or alter) your memories.  You are Nilin, one of these memory hunters.  If that sounds great, it’s because it is.  Remember Me has one of the more engaging stories I’ve ever played.  But how does the game stack up?

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Resident Evil: Revelations Review


Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
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I wasn’t sure what to make of the news when it came down that a 3DS version of a game was being ported up to the Xbox 360.  Has it ever been done?  I’m not sure and as such I had my doubts.  Resident Evil: Revelations was made specifically for a handheld system so I was skeptical about how it would translate.

That didn’t stop me from being a bit excited about Jill and her adventures playing out on my big screen TV.  It was one of the selling points to me because I enjoyed the 3DS version and always wanted a “larger” version.

Gameplay, Graphics and Sound

Resident Evil: Revelations at least looks the part of an HD remake on the console.  If you’ve played any Resident Evil game before, the controls should be somewhat familiar to you.  Yes, you can aim and walk at the same time.  That’s the new thing with RE games after all isn’t it?

You’re on board the Queen Zenobia and the terror soon begins after you find yourself investigating its inner workings.  I thought the abandoned ship setting was one of the best in the series.  It returned to the narrow hallways where you feel like something could jump out at you at any given time.  The ship also provided an inadvertent obstacle in that its motion would sometimes cause me to miss what the hell I was shooting at.  I’m not sure if that was by design but I noticed it more on the Xbox version.  The suspense was definitely there as you play through the ship.

Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield (along with partners) end up doing what they do best which is fighting all kinds of monsters on board.  I thought the action was better than what I played on the 3DS.  That could’ve been because of the “bigger” version and being able to really see what was going on.  No matter the case, Revelations definitely benefited by being upgraded to console.


One of the problems I had with the 3DS version was its lack of enemies and the AI sometimes offered little in terms of help.  Those problems still exist.  I suppose that’s to be expected because Capcom didn’t add much of anything “new”.  I basically played as if my AI partner didn’t exist.

Visually the game is a huge jump from what you played on the handheld version.  Jill and the other characters look great.  The environments aren’t that impressive but they too get a nice bump in visual flare.  I’m not saying the environments were the best thing you’ll ever see but they aren’t the worst.  I didn’t run into much in terms of frame rate issues but every once in a while I’d experience some stuttering.

Xbox LIVE Extras

Resident Evil: Revelations came packed with a Raid Mode that allows you to do some co-op across Xbox Live with friends.  You can essentially go on a co-op killing spree that is pretty competent in delivery.


I enjoyed Resident Evil: Revelations on 3DS and so naturally I enjoyed the Xbox 360 port.  It kept the atmosphere that I loved about the 3DS version and increased the scares throughout simply by being on a larger TV.  I’m usually not a fan of HD remixes or remakes but I think this version was done enough justice to warrant a play-through for any RE fan.


Lost Planet 3 multiplayer details

The extreme, uninhabitable conditions of E.D.N. III in Lost Planet 3 might make the planet seem like a lonely place to be but today we’re pleased to reveal details of the title’s multiplayer content.

Featuring four compelling multiplayer modes playable across six diverse maps, gamers will take on the role of either the NEVEC forces or Snow Pirates.


Scenario Mode sets each team a series of either offensive or defensive challenges and mixes them up with the extreme and unpredictable conditions of E.D.N. III. Players can compete in both third person on-foot action and in first person combat using the futuristic Vital Suits, making this a dynamic gameplay experience.

Akrid Survival sees two teams of three players compete independently of each other in a series of encounters against waves of hostile Akrid before the teams go head to head in a final PvP elimination round.

Lost Planet 3 will be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on August 27.