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Become a Champion in Kinect Sports Rivals and Win!

Calling all Kinect Sports fans!  It’s time to upgrade to Kinect Sports Rivals for Xbox One on April 8th.  It’s finally time to see those fancy Avatars of yourself.  Immerse yourself in a variety of activities from wake racing and climbing to bowling, soccer and more.  If you’re on the fence about jumping into the competition, maybe the possibility of winning $10,000 will get you limbered up and ready to represent.

That’s right.  Not only do you get to enjoy one of the first games that allows you to fully map your Avatar, but you’ll also have a chance to win some cash.  There’s even a trip to Bora Bora up for grabs.

It’s easy to enter, just go to the Kinect Rivals World Champion website at to sign up and then play the game through June 3rd 2014.  Do you have what it takes to take on the world?

Kinect Sports Rivals

Microsoft has a pre-order bonus for a $10 Xbox gift card.  If you get your order in by 6PM PST on April 6th, you’ll not only get the game day one but you’ll get the gift card.  Pre-order here.

Houston Microsoft Store Xbox One Launch Event

As most of us know by now, last night was the beginning of everyone’s opportunity to jump ahead with Xbox one.

I had a blast at my local Houston Microsoft store. There was over about 500 people in attendance. The store took great care of their consumers ensuring that we were entertained and content during our wait. The night was packed with fun having the center of attention on a killer instinct tournament, as well as food in the Xbox One experience lounge area, great music, giveaways and raffles (yours truly actually won a camera)!
launch pic

The reason why I like to attend events is because it’s an opportunity to be with like-minded people. Sure you can meet with people over Xbox live and discuss certain things but usually it’s going to be gameplay and the talk is kept to a minimum. Events give us a chance for full social immersion. You can discuss why Forza 5 has you giddy to accelerate on the road like a professional driver, or why Ryse: Son of Rome gives you a feeling of a fierce combatant within a mighty regime or even why Just Dance 2014 has your favorite songs to twerk to! The cool part of events is being able to put a face the gamer tag and, to meet new people which according to our stereotype, means that we have a great excuse to come out of the basement for epic events such as these.


I recommend that if you have a Microsoft store near you pay them a visit for your purchasing needs or if there is a flagship title or popular component needed, you should attend those launch parties. There is nothing like having hands-on experience before making a purchase. Sure the prize giveaways are really great to boost the energy but mostly the Microsoft store prides itself on its customer service.
They help us to celebrate what we love – games (and other products) – but even more so, it’s really to celebrate your appreciated patronage!

Check out some dedicated cosplayers

I can’t wait to get into more detailed game talk now that everybody’s going to be cuddled up with the Xbox one in their living room and we can delve into the various launch title games that are now available. So bring on the banter about all things Xbox One.

Here are a few pictures from my local Houston Microsoft Store event for the launch of Xbox One.

Jump ahead and enjoy!

Sport Your Avatar

I’d love to see my name in lights!  However, realistically I know that is not likely to happen.  The next best thing is sporting my Xbox Avatar on some killer clothing and items.  I think that this could also be a great gift for that special Xbox enthusiast you may know.

Cafe Press has some Cyber Monday savings going on today and gift certificates are also available HERE.

You should geek out with me!  Get your Avatar gear here

Dance Central 2 has moves like Jagger!

Developer: Harmonix
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Rating Guide: How I Review Games


Don’t you love a good sequel?  I know I do and this latest installment of the game really gets you groovin’.  Dance Central 2 is a solid follow up to its successful Kinect title predecessor Dance Central.

You can tell that Harmonix values fan feedback which is awesome because to be quite honest at times it can seem that some companies just don’t care.  Dance Central 2 has improved some of the gameplay aspects in addition to the use of more Kinect technology.  The top new features are simultaneous multiplayer, the use of voice controls and 40 awesome songs! 

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Who Do You VooDoo B*tch, Dead Island Review

Developer: Techland
Publisher: Deep Silver
Rating Guide: How I Review Games

Dead Island takes a formulaic idea of zombies and incorporates it into a resort island.  It’s a well-balanced combination of Left 4 Dead and Fallout 3.  And, I mean that in a complimentary way.  Who do you voodoo?  Watch the video that inspired the title right here.

At the game’s core, Dead Island is an RPG.  You can upgrade, repair, and even create and combine your weapons.  You can gradually increase your character’s skill level.  The game counters this by doing the same with the zombies.  It’s as simple as that.

You start the game with your choice of 4 characters.  Each one obviously brings a different skillset to the table for you to use, upgrade, and explore.  The game is experienced from a first person point of view so there’s always a sense of tunnel vision which makes for some pretty creepy surprises.  There were definitely times when I jumped while simply walking the beach and suddenly being attacked from behind.

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Gears 3 Midnight Launch at the Houston Microsoft Store

Monday night I had the privilege of being at the Houston Microsoft store for its first inaugural midnight launch for Gears of War 3 before it opened to the public.  I was there to assist and represent Extra Life.  Like much of the gaming community that night, everything was a Gears frenzy.  The crowd was biting at the bit to get their hands on it before the official release at the stroke of midnight.

Our Extra Life crew was there in full effect trying to raise money for our event that is going to be held at the Microsoft store on October 15th.  We were all very excited that we would get to see how our future event could play out.  I was expecting for the night to be quite exciting but I did not think that Microsoft would really do it up as big as they did.  They provided pizza and drinks, Gears of War 3 playtime two hours before the actual release and a Gears 3 Tournament in addition to the door prize raffles.

The line for the midnight launch began to form just outside the Microsoft Store doors at 8pm.  This was during the store’s regular business hours.  Once closing time rolled around at 9 pm, each employee knew their role.  It was as if they went into Harry Potter mode, shifting and moving things into the right place to prepare for the Gears pandemonium that would soon ensue.  They were able to quickly turn the store from regular shopping mode into full Gears COG town!

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