Xbox One E3 media recap, what did you like?

So I’m back from a quick trip to Los Angeles to check out Microsoft’s E3 Xbox One media briefing.  We had some amazing seats!  You can check out my Twitter timeline to get a look at the awesome photos I was able to capture.  I’ll get right to the recap now because I know you’ve been waiting on my impressions of what I saw at the E3 conference.



Quantum Break


Ryse: Son of Rome

Amount of exclusives

Battlefield 4

Dead Rising 3


Sunset Overdrive

Free game “program” not really being a program but more like Summer deals until November

Unclear message

No system sellers among exclusives


I will never in a million hours be talked into understanding this 24 hour check in thing.  How does it relate to what I saw?  Well that’s the point.  They said nothing about it which simply gave credence to my statement that they released that news online so they wouldn’t have to talk about it. 

The fact remains that I hate it.  I don’t want any rule, feature beyond an act of God that would render my single player game unplayable.  Having only 24 hours to play my game offline before I have to check  in is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard “smart” people decide upon.  Who thought that was a good idea?

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  1. Well personally Deac, I thought MS screwed the pooch big time. They addressed none of the concerns gamers had, only had a couple good games to show and then tell us they are raping us at a price of $499. Sony hands down put a beat down on MS this E3 and likely this round as well. I have preordered both consoles but I am either going to cancel my Xbox One or resell it this holiday season. I will only keep one console at launch and its the PS4 for me.

    Up yours MS and your 24 hour check in POS.

  2. MS had some impressive exclusives but they weren’t enough to make me go out and get an XBOX ONE on release day. Gears of War was the game that made me buy a 360 and I don’t see a stand out title for the XBOX ONE. MS is going to have a rough holiday.

  3. Yeah I’ve been a Xbox live subscriber for close to 8 years and now that chain looks to be broken. Sad. I feel like I have no choice honestly! I must get the PS4 over the Xbox :(

  4. The season of “Game of Consoles” is about to begin and Winter is coming to Xbox Live like no one has ever seen before… LOL I hate the PRICE of the Xbox Done and all of these many restrictions or possible restrictions a “Third Party” Pubs might impose. I hate that it will not play my existing Xbox 360 game and Live Arcade games. I’ll be picking up a newer Xbox 360 and be fine with CoD Ghosts, Watchdogs, Battlefield 4, Destiny, and the other games set for the Xbox 360. I’m prepared to wait out this Winter storm, as long as the Xbox 360 is supported. By the time they kill it off, I’ll pick up the Xbox Done at a slashed price more and likely and catch up on my Halo games I’ve missed and get back to Forza 7 or what ever is out at that time. :)

  5. i’ll wait with buying a next-gen console for quite a while i think.
    When Tekken 7 comes out i’ll see which platform has the better overall online experience, microsoft has done nothing for me to keep me a customer, not in this gen nor (as it seems) in next gen. Except for having a stable online service with less latency than PSN.

    I do not care for any of the xbox one’s fuctions though. Just more of all that stuff that i will never have anyway. It’s still too hard for MS to get some services to the Netherlands. And i doubt they will step up their game.

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