GameStop, I won’t shop there anymore

Today GameStop has a one hour sale for Injustice: Gods Among Us.  The sale was scheduled to last from 12PM – 1PM CST and Injustice would be discounted to $9.99 for the regular edition and further discounted for the collector’s edition. 

I had my browser locked on the website and at exactly 12:00PM CST I added the game to my cart and proceeded to checkout.  I input my credit card details to purchase a few seconds later and the nightmare began.  I stared at the screen for about 45 minutes hoping that it would eventually go through.  It didn’t.  GameStop simply removed the item from my cart and made like the transaction never happened.  I didn’t wait for minutes into the sale.  I had it in my cart and ready to check out within seconds of the sale.  My address, credit card, shipping etc. was all input and I had clicked my mouse on “submit order”.  It just sat there rotating on ”Please Wait” for an hour.


When I reached out to GameStop via customer support their response was “sorry, you had to have ordered the game during the sale period; check back for other deals on Facebook”.  Excuse me?  Did you not read the part where I said I was at checkout within seconds?  Their response basically was to go buy something else.  They gave no explanation as to why the checkout process broke.  They gave no apology.  They just said hey until you actually buy something, we don’t care.  Follow us on Facebook.  Really GameStop?

The checkout system was flawed up until the very moment the sale ended. You may say that the traffic died down but had that been the case, those people who had orders in earlier would have eventually been moved along the ordering process. But no, they weren’t. Many of them simply had their carts erased. And when I attempted to explain this to GameStop, their response was “it was an hour sale that you had to get the order in during that time”. Well excuse me but I just told you that I got my order in seconds after the sale began.

GameStop has no issues with asking a customer to purchase hundreds of games but when any of those same customers approach them with a valid complaint, they turn a blind eye.  Their first solution in any resolution is to not resolve it.  The first reaction is “sorry, we can’t do anything about it but check out our new list of games and trade ins and follow us”.  In fact, their reaction is just arrogant.  If you were to buy a jar from me and upon handing it to you I drop it and break it, I’m not going to suggest that you buy another one or something else.  I’m going to apologize and get you another jar.

The worst part is that GameStop didn’t even bother giving an explanation to its customers or apologizing about the apparent system incompetence.  And they sure as hell didn’t even bother offering a resolution to the hundreds affected.  If you aren’t a paying customer or a customer who has managed a successful transaction, then you’re just a few inches away from worthless to GameStop.

I’m not at all upset about the broken checkout process.  I’m upset about their refusal and general resistance to even attempt to rectify the problem.  They don’t even think for a second to give any weight to your complaint.  Their first, second and third step is to get you back in the store or back online shopping.

They can learn a thing or two from Amazon.  When Amazon has an issue that involves their checkout process or sale process, they’ll offer customers a credit.  They’ll even, at the very least, offer customers an apology.  GameStop cares so very little about its customers that they didn’t even bother apologizing for the magical cart emptying nor the server timeouts.  There are literally hundreds of comments filled with customer complaints so it’s not as if they aren’t aware.  They just simply don’t care.  They don’t care at all about how your experience was as long as you were there trying to buy something from them.  The minute or second you are not able to then you are not a customer of theirs and your satisfaction is of no concern.

To those of you who managed to succeed in your attempts to order the game, I say congrats.  But don’t think for a second that you won’t one day be on the other end of that ordeal.  And when you are, you’ll experience the true nature of GameStop.  So before you say “oh well they’ve been good to me or I haven’t had any problems”, think about the time when you just might and how you’ll be treated.  Look to the constant complaints of others and decide if you’d like to see your brother, sister or yourself disregarded the way GameStop has done.

GameStop didn’t even bother giving an explanation to its customers or apologizing.

I’m not asking you to go riot at the store.  I’m simply making you aware of how little GameStop values customer satisfaction. I encourage each of you to think twice the next time you decided to order something or walk into a store to purchase something from GameStop.  I hope that you pass this story around and share it with everyone you know.  Consumers remain the most important and influential element in this country.  When a company takes a shit on us, it’s our duty to remind them that we won’t stand for it.

GameStop will likely read this and decide that one person doesn’t really matter.  They have millions of other customers willing to buy and trade.  But I will tell one person and that one person will tell one other person and hopefully that person will tell another.  Eventually they might just realize that their blatant disregard for customer satisfaction has it consequences.  I know for a fact that no one in my family will go there again after I’m done explaining to them what GameStop is truly about.  I’m going to forward this on to the people I know at GameStop corporate offices.  I’m going to share this on social media channels as well.

This kind of thing is just ridiculous for a company to do.  Your first goal should be customer satisfaction and not sale satisfaction.  I don’t expect anyone at GameStop to even bother responding to this because as I mentioned they just don’t care.  If they’ve gotten this far without acknowledging the thousands and thousands of customers they refuse to help, then I imagine they’ll keep on the same course.

I know one thing though.  I won’t shop there anymore.  I won’t tell anyone I know about them or any of their sales anymore.  After this article, I won’t even mention them on the website anymore until they convince me and others that it’s not just about making a sale and that they value customer satisfaction on all levels not just at purchase.

Thanks for reading.

Yours truly,

Deacon - former GameStop shopper.

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21 Responses to “ GameStop, I won’t shop there anymore ”

  1. well said Deac. GameStop isn’t my favorite place ..they rape you on trade in and really don’t give a hoot about your experience.

  2. thx Carbon. i just find their lack of interest in resolving customer issues quite arrogant.

  3. to hell with GameStop! i’ve experienced their lack of customer satisfation too. that was five years ago. haven’t returned to shop there since. brilliant write up sir.

  4. it’s counterproductive .. you have an awesome sale and then a failure at customer relations at the same time.

  5. One thing that happened to me is that I was forcibly logged out and then my cart was wiped clean of the game to “reflect availability,” yet when I looked at the product page, it was still in stock.


  6. 100% agreed. They’re just acting as the poor, pathetic, dying company that they are. I’m pulling all my preorders today or tomorrow, unless they can publicly apologize and offer SOMETHING. It doesn’t even have to be the same deal. But they need to man-up and take responsibility.

  7. As I said on their Facebook page, if you have credit at Gamestop, go to one of the stores and use that credit on Amazon Kindle cards. They are basically branded Amazon gift cards and can be used on anything.

    Gamestop already has your trades/money, but why help them move product? Take your business to Amazon, people who actually give a damn about customer service.

  8. kinda surprised that this isnt something you didnt see coming from this souless faceless corporation … this scum of the earth company hasnt gotten one red cent of my money in nearly five years, and never will after that … I truly look forward to watching them burn in flames when the next generation starts and they can no longer rape gamers any longer … eat shit and die GS, and RIP

  9. I find your article interesting to read Harris, because the way I see it, you could change GameStop to Microsoft at the moment, and the same thing would apply. But of course you won’t say no to Xbox One, if after E3, they confirm (or fail to deny) all the bad rumours that are still out there. They’ve probably got one bagged up for you already, so you won’t care. But many loyal customers aren’t satisfied with what they’re doing and (more importantly) supposedly doing.

    So as you put it “I will tell one person and that one person will tell one other person and hopefully that person will tell another. Eventually they might just realize that their blatant disregard for customer satisfaction has it consequences” That’s already happened, is continuing to happen, and will either stop at E3 (if there is a God) or (most likely) will get considerably worse. “This kind of thing is just ridiculous for a company to do. Your first goal should be customer satisfaction and not sale satisfaction.” YES MICROSOFT…

  10. wow Irish :)

  11. oh Astrid .. your hate for MS :) but this one is about GameStop first ;)

  12. Psst…

    It’s probably because multiple people flooded the website at once.

    Duh? :|

  13. Right on, Deac! We have a locally owned and operated game store named C&C Games. They have 3 stores and are an awesome group of people to deal with.

  14. GameStop sucks ass, I mostly go there as a necessary evil when I don’t have a Best Buy nearby ;) that being said, you can’t put too much of this blame on them I mean their site got HAMMERED. MANY sites were posting this deal for days leading up to it not to mention them promoting it as well. Sucks you didn’t get a copy though cause $9.99 is KILLER for this game man. Also, small rage post by Nan lol

  15. I really hope Microsoft retracts their dick from everyone’s arse at E3, otherwise there will be a lot more small rage posts from me for years to come lol, believe me. Sony didn’t get away with it, and neither will they – ‘it’ being pissing me off :P

  16. Nanakai, are you accusing Deac of fanboyism? My take on Gamestop is that I hate them and never do preorders anyways. (How often can you not find a copy of a game on launch day?) But, while I hate them, I will shop there for sales and used games. Sometimes even if you hate the system, you have to use the system.

    For instance, do I agree with Walmarts policies? Nope, but will I buy my shop there to stretch my few dollars to support my family? Heck yes I will.

    So when I suddenly want used a copy of Barbie Horse Adventures, my only choice is Gamestops bargain bin, even if the money won’t go to the developer, even if they don’t treat me like a person.

  17. i’m just amazed at their lack of interest and arrogant behavior in not resolving this .. the blow an empty apology and sweep it under the rug .. “hey look you can preorder, we’re sorry”. i’ll spread this story everywhere i go.

  18. I think every gamer has had a bad GameStop experience (me included). It sucks that Gamestop service even sucks online as well as their retail service. I prefer Amazon from now on for all my games. Sometimes they even have better deals.

  19. i’m definitely doing my game shopping elsewhere from now on.

  20. You buy game and you don’t receive it and no way to get a hold of accept email and they never answer it, Might as well just give them $30 for nothing because that is what you will get nothing.

  21. exactly Steve

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