Xbox One, bullet points to what you want to know

I know the information about the Xbox One has been massive.  I know you’ve emailed and tweeted me a lot of questions.  You’ve also emailed and tweeted me a lot of information.  I figured that the best way to answer those emails and tweets and to put your minds at ease was to do what I do best.  I’m going to summarize all the madness for you with some Xbox One bullet points.  I’m just like you and I need one place to find out what the most important things are when it comes to the Xbox One.

The following bullet points are what I know so far based on new information from various media outlets.


Xbox One Bullet Points

• release date is sometime this year (likely November if sticking to history)

• you will have to install every game (I know it sucks but I get it; at least you can play games without needing to find the disc)

• it comes with 500GB and yes part of that will be used for “system” stuff

• you will not be charged to share games within your household

• you will not have to be connected online all the time (although game features are lost if you aren’t)

you will not have to connect once every 24 hours

• you won’t be charged to play a game at a friend’s house

• discs will no longer be needed to play the game after install (once you install, it’s just a keepsake or a means to share that same game with someone or to reinstall a game yourself)

• if you share that same game with someone and they intend to “own” it, they’ll have the option to install and buy it (details sketchy but that’s where it’s going)

• no upgradeable or removable hard drive, you will be allowed external storage for game installs, saves etc

• you can play games offline but only for 24 hours on your console until you check in

• you can play used games (there are definitely details missing about this simple thing but you will be able to)

if you don’t turn your system on for days, weeks etc it will not render your games unplayable

• Kinect comes with the console and has to be connected (you do not have to use it)

• Xbox 360 accessories will not work on the Xbox One; none of them

• No backwards compatibility

• there is no separate Xbox Live for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live for Xbox One; it’s just Xbox Live for all, your current subscription will transfer just fine

• Xbox Live will have access to over 300,000 servers

• Xbox Live friends increase from 100 to 1,000

• Xbox Live multiplayer games will all have dedicated servers

• the cool TV stuff will be in North America first

• it has HDMI pass through which means the signal from your cable/satellite box passes its signal through the Xbox One making the cool TV stuff possible; so yes you still need a cable/satellite box

• E3 is about games, games, games .. this was just really a console reveal

• yes the Blu-ray drive will play Blu-ray movies

• there is only one Marketplace for games now, no separate for Arcade or Indie

• Achievements and Gamerscore will transfer over; your XBLA arcade games will not because as I mentioned, no backward compatibility

• no this does not mark the end of the Xbox 360 the way things abruptly ended for the original Xbox; the Xbox 360 will still be supported with games, updates etc.


I will make one note as I end my bullet points.  I think that games for Xbox One need to be reduced in price if the disc is basically only for installation.  If I can’t play from the disc without installing games, then it’s basically a PC system doing the same delivery as PC games do.  Are PC games the same price as console games?  Nope.  If the Xbox One is going this route with game discs (and they are), then I hope to see a decrease in game price.

I hope these bullet points are useful for you.  What say you?

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28 Responses to “ Xbox One, bullet points to what you want to know ”

  1. Correction Deac – Xbox Live will have access to over 300,00 servers
    Should be 30,000 servers.

    It now sounds not as bad. My thoughts…
    • discs will no longer carry any worth (once you install, it’s just a keepsake or a means to share that same game with someone)
    –There is some worth. You have the PHYSICAL game to install again if you want. This is why digital only sucks still IMO.

    • no upgradeable or removable hard drive, you will be allowed external storage for game installs, saves etc
    –Having the external for game installs is great for the gamers who have a lot of games installed. But I think the hardcore gamers will erase the game installs once they finish a game-don’t they do that now?

    • Xbox Live will have access to over 30,000 servers
    –This is HUGE. I think XBL will still outperform PSN.
    PSN has to the SLOWEST network on the planet.

    • Xbox Live multiplayer games will all have dedicated servers
    –Huge for the MP fanboys

    • No backwards compatibility
    –This sucks but I expected that. I see MikeWarrior buying up some 360s LOL

    I doubt I will be buying any new system this year, I will probably wait it out.

  2. thanks Nina .. added a ’0′ :)

  3. Answered alot of questions but will take a wait & see approach E3, but that damn thing is bigger than the first Xbox

  4. i can’t quite make out how big it is lol .. i don’t think it is though we need comparison pics.

  5. 300,000? I thought it was 30,000? LOL
    PLease confirm, Harris :)

  6. I think the price will be $399, $450 max.

  7. This was very informative but I just forsee a lot of problems down the road especially with the first batch of XBOX One’s. Unless I can get the hookup on a XBOX One, I will wait and see before I make a purchase. It sucks that XBOX Live arcade titles won’t carry over. So I won’t be able to access them even on my 360?

  8. No Eye you can play them on your 360 but thats it

  9. Its going to be $399 at low end and more and likely $599 or higher. I can’t see them going lower than $399, which is about as high as I can go for something like this myself. As for game installs, I’m cool with that, but I don’t want to pick up games or wait to have them shipped anymore then. I want to preorder via Xbox Live and have it download in background and be ready to play at midnight then. Keep your disc and plastic boxes from now on then.

  10. There is a huge contradiction here Harris, and it stems from the one bullet point which you kept saying wasn’t true – “• you will have to install every game”

    If you have family members each with their own console (as in Sugar’s situation), or if you take the game to a friend’s house to play (or lend one to that friend), then as an install is required, I don’t see how these are true:

    • you will not be charged to share games within your household
    • if you share that same game with someone and they intend to “own” it, they’ll have the option to install and buy it

    There is no ‘option’ to install, it’s a requirement. And if the ‘solution’ is that you just need to be signed in to your account to play it on another console, that still doesn’t resolve the issue of those points, because the idea is that it’s being played on a separate console without you being on it. So yeah, the negative bullshit still stands for now

  11. Nice job on making all current headsets obsolete too btw, add that bulletpoint. I can’t wait until E3, and we can see the final side by side comparison of PS4 vs Xbox One details.

  12. @ Thump, cool! As far as the headsets, I feel for those people with those fancy TurtleBeach headsets that won’t be able to use them with the new system. Microsoft is turning into the new Apple. You pretty much have to upgrade everything for the next gen.

  13. oh Astrid i said that NONE of the Xbox 360 accessories would work. that includes headsets lol

  14. as far as the option to install and buy it .. it remains an option. you can either choose to install and buy it or choose to install and play it (assuming your friend is logged on). those are options. if they want to just play it, then they can just play it. if they want to own it, they can then choose to buy it. that’s what i’m sure will happen going from the interviews i’ve read.

    the one thing i hope is cleared up though is if you have to be signed into your other family members’ console in order for them to them play it? i’m curious about that. that wouldn’t be ideal in my opinion if i had to sign on to every console in my house to give them access. we’ll see though.

  15. ^^From my understanding, you can still only be signed in to one xbox at a time so they can play your game on their console but you must be signed in, making your xbox useless until they are done.If you sign in they need to now pay in-order to play the game.

  16. let’s hope they clear that up Bones

  17. I’ve heard so many negative things about the Xbox One even before the reveal. I’m trying to keep a clear head when it comes to things like this. The full details will soon be revealed and until then they’re mostly just rumours with nothing factually confirmed. So I’m actually looking forward to hearing more on the console as time goes on.

    On the plus side Call of Duty: Ghosts looked pretty immense and insanely real, especially the dog mechanics.

    P.S. I really hope I don’t have to buy a new headset. My Astros cost me a bomb! :(

  18. COD Ghosts sucks ;)

  19. Main Price Rumors are based on 2 different tiers.

    $500 for full system
    and a subsidized one for $300 but you have to sign up for live subscription for 2 years like they are doing now.

    My question is: If i have my subscription already renewed up through 2016, does that count? Or do i have to pay for a subscription and it will just extend it at the end?

  20. yes it counts brikz

  21. First Deac, you originally said installs were not required which is not the case, You said we could play the games on any console in the house with any gamer if we ran off the disc and did not install. Not the case. Where are you getting your info from?

    Curious about what you say to this. From what I see the games are tied to one piece of hardware unless you are signed in on another console. Any chance they are working on a way to tie this to a xbox live family plan so I can tie my games to all users in my house so they can play on any console? This one piece of hardware for all users is ridiculous. There are tons of households out there with multiple consoles and multiple gamers. This will really cause headaches for those families.

  22. SugarRy, check out GamerTag Radio’s interview with Aaron Greenberg. It will answer you question about multiple consoles and the install.
    Not saying Deac is wrong, but its worth a listen.

  23. Thanks Eye. Will give it a listen to see what is said.

  24. what i posted are all the facts now. i thought the disc would still be playable but nope it isn’t. it’s okay to say i was wrong EYE lol … hey it happens :)

    but yeah, these bullet points are the facts SugarRy. as far as people being able to play on your console. any profile you have on there will be able to play your game just like it is now.

    if you own multiple consoles the only thing i know is that you won’t be charged or rather the other people in your household. they won’t be charged. the “how” that will work now that games are installed is a question mark. i don’t know. i can only assume that they may allow you to assign consoles etc. but who knows.

  25. so they are trying to make it like pcs? they should just get rid of games then since they are completely worthless now and charge cheap for games like steam. and all of my games are worthless now? basically if i want to play halo 4 i wont be able to on xbox one? smart… oh and all that money i spent on arcade games, gone. awesome… and wouldnt the 360 need to be on for the pass through even if you didnt want to use it? like a 3d bluray pass through? the whole no backward compatibility and useless discs really really really are driving me away from this. love the whole tv media center concept but not worth it if everything i have paid for is worthless. any price yet?

  26. no price yet .. my personal opinion is we’re looking at $500 .. i’d be extremely surprised if it’s cheaper. and the thought is that you’ll still have your 360 so technically none of your stuff is worthless. you paid to play it on 360 not the Xbox One.

    I get what you’re saying though. it’d be convenient but I personally don’t need backward compat.

    and yep, I said it too .. it’s just like a PC now. so prices need to reflect that I think.

  27. This information is wrong. You have to connect every 24h, this was confirmed by a microsoft employee at the enven, in an interview with kotaku. Then Microsoft said it wasn’t final. Fine, but they never said it was false, which makes me think they simply didn’t want the attention to shift, while they will announce it officially at E3. So right now, we CANNOT say that we won’t have to connect once every 24h… I stopped reading after that. Can’t say if there is other wrong informations there…

  28. David, none of the information here is wrong. Microsoft has already stated REPEATEDLY that reports of having to connect every 24 hours is wrong.

    how ridiculous does that even sound? i have to connect my console every 24 hours or it’ll do what? die? become useless? let out an explosion? lol

    Kotaku doesn’t surprise me.

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