Unscripted 360’s 2012 Report Cards coming!

I’ve been going back into the archives digging up a few features that have lied dormant within the walls here.  One of the more interesting ones was that of the Report Card.  The end of the year marks a time to reflect and grade out the companies who fought for our cash this year.  The Report Card feature was received very well and I figured there was no better time than now to resurrect it.

Let’s see how our favorite (and least favorite) publishers and developers graded in the official Unscripted 360 Report card.  I’ll take a look and see exactly which of these publishers and developers make the naughty or nice list … and which company deserves a purchase this season.

I’m still deciding on which companies to put in front of the class but I expect to have it completed for posting next week.  Here’s how I’ll grade each of them.


How many titles have they released this year? Were they of good quality? Were they original or sequels?


How were they in dealing with their fan base? Did they host any events to promote their titles? How accessible did they make information about their title with websites, advertising, etc? How accessible are they to the fans?

Extra Credit

How have they extended the life of their titles in the Xbox Live Marketplace? Did they develop any extra content and if so, was the price reasonable?

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  1. Hey Deac, this is awesome. I look forward to your report card.

    I’m giving YOU an A this year because every time I’ve asked you to research info on a game, or tell us info on preorder differences from various stores, you have always gotten me the answers quickly.

    Thanks again and job well done this year, sir!

  2. Careful Deac…. You don’t want execs showing up at your house with socks and glocks…. A’s for everyone!O_O

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