Black Ops 2 live action trailer a Surprise

Say what you want about the repeated raping of the Call of Duty franchise but make no mistake that it will still outsell everything else this year.  They’ve made it a habit of releasing live action trailers over the last few years so let’s all enjoy the latest.

It has a cameo from Robert Downey Jr. so it gets an A+ in my book for that alone.  Are you planning on getting Black Ops 2?  I know that I am specifically for its Zombie mode.

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3 Responses to “ Black Ops 2 live action trailer a Surprise ”

  1. this is a very good and entertaining commercial. This is one commercial I don’t mind watching on youtube. But it still won’t persuade me to play black ops 2. I’m still on that Medal of Honor Warfighter/BF3 state of mind.

  2. Come to the darkside Pimp! LOL

  3. i feel ya Pimp

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