Comment and win XCOM: Enemy Unknown!

Okay ladies and gents!  It’s my birthday today and what better way to celebrate than to share some goodies!  It’s the Unknown Velvet Giveaway for XCOM: Enemy Unknown.  (see what I did there?)  I just posted my review of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and now it’s time for your chance to win the game.

If you’re a fan of RTS games and strategy, then you’ll be hard pressed to find a better one on Xbox 360.  Firaxis really did a wonderful job translating this “PC centric” game to the console.  I loved the anthill style look into the barracks and other resources.

Anyway, let’s get on with it!  Want to win XCOM: Enemy Unknown?  Of course you do.  Leave a comment below, tweet me, email me or message me on Xbox Live and you’re entered to win.

I’ll pick the winner of the game on Halloween which is this Wednesday.  As always, be sure to confirm the win within a day if you’re the lucky one or else I’ll have to pick another winner.

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They call me "The Velvet Voice". I'm a Microsoft Xbox MVP and Author of the Day 8 New Human War book series on I like sunshine, games and large amounts of money. You can follow me on Twitter @deaconblade. Take a look at my About Me Bio for more on what I do.

16 Responses to “ Comment and win XCOM: Enemy Unknown! ”

  1. Thanks for the contest!

  2. Happy Birthday, Buddy! Game looks interesting!

  3. Happy Birthday Deac. What a great time of the year for a birthday (my son’s is on Wednesday).
    As Tuco from Breaking Bad would say, this game looks “TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT!”

  4. This game will kick my ass but I still want to play it

  5. Happy Birthday Deacon! Awesome of you to go out of your way on your own birthday and share with your readers! Hope you have a great birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! Not sure why I kept thinking it was on Halloween lol

  7. I hope I get the chance to play this wonderful game! :)

  8. Sign me up

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY D! Sweet giveaway, good luck everyone.

    Twitter – @nai13omb


    3rd row represent!

  11. Happy birthday

  12. Looks like a great RTS! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  13. Really looking forward to a chance to win this game
    Happy Birthday, buddy!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday sir! May you have the finest cakes the human race can produce!

  15. thank John

  16. is it too late?!

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