Win Borderlands 2 and get in on the loot!

Are you ready for another Velvet Giveaway??  Of course you are because you want to join me as I loot the hell out of every chest in Borderlands 2 right?  Thanks to some really cool friends in awesome places, I have a copy of the game to giveaway!


I haven’t played much of the game yet but what I’ve played has been fun.  But I don’t want to have all the fun alone.  And that means it’s time for some co-op lootin’.

Take me back to Pandora! How do I win?

Leave a comment here, send me a message on Xbox Live, email me or of course you can tweet the #velvetgiveaway hashtag on Twitter.  Follow me of course @deaconblade if you haven’t already.

I’ll pick the lucky Borderlands 2 winner on Wednesday, September 26.  Winner will have 24 hours to respond so make sure you confirm or I’ll have to pick someone else.  Eligible entrants are those where Borderlands 2 is playable.

[Update] – Winner – Linda P. – confirmed

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  1. A360friend:

    I am not in charge but I can say with all certainty that the prize was given away last Thursday. We’ve all missed-out but we still have family and friends.

    You should go away for at least 25 hours and make a list of all your blessings.

    This helped me get through “The Incident” and I am better-off for it.

    Finding renewed love is NEVER a mistake.

    -Your Friendly Neighborhood Slapweasel

  2. OMG .. my husband is going to go insane and be so jealous! I won??? I didn’t get an email saying so … thanks Deacon! should I email you or is posting here good enough to confirm? Can you take my last name off by chance?

  3. lol this is good Linda … that’s how I make sure you’re not just entering a contest with no interest in ever checking back to see if you’ve won (trust me it has happened)

    i’ll respond to your email now and get your address :) congrats! and i removed your last name 😉

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