Mass Effect 3 fans are whiney, BioWare wimps out

Let’s be clear about one thing before I start.  Mass Effect 3 is BioWare’s game and the rest of you simply paid to play it.  At no point did any of you fans pony up any inspiration for the developers.  At no point did you sit inside BioWare studios for meetings, late nights, Q&A etc.

So with that said, please understand that you do not own the story or direction that Mass Effect 3 ultimately took.  When I hear or read all this uproar about an ending to a game and all the FCC government involvement nonsense, it just really saddens me.  Gamers are an entitled bunch and most of them need to be told to just shut the fuck up sometimes.  They direct their anger at some of the dumbest things instead of on other productive things.  Why aren’t gamers banding together to stop this ridiculous DLC madness that is going on in the industry?  Why aren’t gamers trying to do something to show their displeasure with the rising costs of games?  Why didn’t someone start a friggin’ KickStart up to fund the change?

Instead of choosing something worthwhile to stir the Internet into a rage about, they opt to protest about the ending of a game.  Really Lil’ Jimmy … really?  How much more stupid can this be?  And if BioWare (and it appears that they are) decides to “redo” certain parts of their game because of this then they’re stupid too.  You don’t change your art because a few fans get pissy.  I can understand if we’re all bitching about content that was hidden on the disc or about overpriced DLC.  However, to hear people complain because the ending was poor is just mind bottling.

“I believe passionately that games are an art form, and that the power of our medium flows from our audience, who are deeply involved in how the story unfolds,” Muzyka wrote, “and who have the uncontested right to provide constructive criticism. At the same time, I also believe in and support the artistic choices made by the development team. The team and I have been thinking hard about how to best address the comments on ME3′s endings from players, while still maintaining the artistic integrity of the game.”  – Ray Muzyka, BioWare Co-founder

Stick to that Ray … don’t let them punk you!

Do you know how many stupid endings I’ve seen in games, movies and other entertainment?  I can’t even count them.  Gears of War 2 had a stupid ending.  Infamous had a stupid ending.  Sacred 2 had a stupid ending.  The Grey had a stupid ending.  There are tons of things that end in a way that I don’t want nor understand.  Is it because Mass Effect 3 promised you that your choices would matter?  I suppose that’s the argument eh?  You were promised that your choices would somehow create a thousand different endings and it didn’t?

Tough luck kid.  My suggestion is that you don’t give BioWare your money going forward although I’m sure you will.  I understand completely the desire for BioWare to please its fans and somehow appear that they’re “listening” but the whole thing just seems unnecessary.  The ending was bad .. so what!  I haven’t played Mass Effect 3 and to be honest, all of this is making me not want to.  What about the people who aren’t complaining about the ending?  I hope that people realize that the Internet is but a fraction of the people actually playing this game.

Well it appears that BioWare will concede a bit by introducing more content to provide additional closure to the ending.  Fanboys around the world feel free to celebrate.  Next time though I’d like to ask that you take up a more just cause.  I’m sick of publishers hiding content on discs and charging me for it so could you please band together and stop it?

What say you?

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27 Responses to “ Mass Effect 3 fans are whiney, BioWare wimps out ”

  1. Gamers are completely helpless and it’s obvious gaem developers don’t care. Many are very egotistical. I’ve come to realize this the past year. I haven’t completed ME3 yet, but I was very disappointed with what BioWare, err I mean EA did with ME2. It’s just the way things are and they won’t change. You mention the movie The Grey having a bad ending. Well it’s similar with TV shows, movies, and books. The story told can be really great, but the ending can ruin it for many fans. LOST comes to mind as that ending RUINED the series for me, as much as the journey there was good, with excellent writing. I guess fans expect when the journey to be great, so will the ending.
    I’m not whining because my interest in videogames has been waning the past year as well, so no biggie.

  2. word Nina .. and yep The Grey’s ending was totally stupid .. and yeah endings ruin the whole experience sometimes .. The Mist was THE WORST lol … but still .. BioWare should just say stfu and bring out more DLC that gives fans more of the story instead of trying to “bring closure” to appease a few fans.

    as i said, what about the ones who don’t have a problem with it?

  3. Well are the ones who don’t have a problem with it in the minority or majority?

  4. the majority.

  5. I dont know, if you go on Amazon’s site the game has BAD reviews mostly, currently at 3 stars. That’s pretty low for ME stuff LOL.

    We’ll see what BioWare does, if anything. IMO they don’t have to do anything. It’s their game, so we must accept their ending they way they implemented it.

  6. Deacon, I didn’t read your entire story (not sure if you talked about the ME3 plot which I am still working through) but from what I read, I agree. Nothing pisses me off more than people thinking creative works should only please them. The fact that gamers are making such a big fuss and demanding Bioware fix the ending, really makes me ashamed of the gaming community.

    I agree with BPD’s last point, even if I finish the game and hate the ending, tough. It’s a creative media and there will always be critiques. In reality, Mass Effect is Bioware’s game and story, not mine. If I hate ME3, I’ll think twice before buying their next game. If people want a game that is just for them, maybe they should go make their own game. Just don’t share it with anyone or else there’s a good chance someone wont like it.

    I’m not sure when it happened but at some point, gamers’ entitlement has become a problem.

  7. Deacon, I’ve followed you for a couple of years now and have enjoyed a lot of your work, but today, with this article, you were dead wrong. Bioware delivered a bad product with Mass Effect 3. After 3 games worth of build up to push out an ending that was as ill thought out as what Mass Effect 3′s was, to the point that it contradicted what has been brought up in the series until now is unacceptable. But more to the point, as someone who paid $85 for the collector’s edition of the game it is my right to complain loud and long about the fact that I received a sub par product.

    The difference between this and the movie industry is that Bioware has the ability to go back and fix it. If I go to a restaurant and get a bad dinner, I have the right to complain and demand that the manager do something to fix it(the manager has the right of course to tell me to suck eggs). If I take my car in for repair and they do a poor job of it, I have the right to complain. I have the right to complain if a movie is bad (the movie analogy is a bad one because there is a huge difference between investing ~$10 and 2 hours on a bad movie and ~$60 and ~40 hours if not more on a game).

    I have the right to complain about it, calling me a whiner because I vocalize my complaints is not appropriate, I’m just trying to warn the gamers that haven’t sunk any money or time into that mess that is Mass Effect 3 yet what they are in for.

    The sad thing is, the game was great, my only 2 complaints are forcing you to play multiplayer to get the “best” ending on Mass Effect 3. My problem with that is if you live in a rural area where internet connection speeds are dodgy at best, you may not be able to get the full single player experience through no fault of your own. Secondly is the ending, I really needed just a bit more closer with it, even if Bioware just did some thing like the Animal House ending that is making the rounds on Youtube, I could live with it, I’ve seen Bioware do far better endings that aren’t necessarily happy (play through Throne of Bhaal romancing Viconia De’Vir).

    Bioware of course has the right to ignore my complaints and leave the ending as it stands, just as I have the right to never play another Bioware game. I just really don’t think that it’s appropriate for you to discount people who are obviously long time fans of the series as “whiners”. Fortunately Bioware appears to not agree with you as the news seems to indicate they are going to fix the ending.

    I have to wonder, based on the little text window that popped up after the “Grandpa” scene if the whole thing wasn’t a money grab? The idea being that Bioware would release a DLC that would patch the ending a’la Fallout 3 Broken Steel. Some food for thought, especially when you take that in context with your comments that gamers ought to spend their ire on the DLC money grabs.

  8. It’s amazing how many games writers just do not *get* this issue.

    This is the same studio who very clearly has less of an understanding about their own franchise, now, than its fans. The same one who openly admitted they couldn’t be arsed to keep track of the various story threads they created, because it was “difficult” to do. The same company who let a fucking NOVEL about their franchise get published, with major discrepancies that are having to be fixed.

    No one is throwing around “we didn’t get an ending we liked! Boooo!” That is not the problem. People are upset because of what BioWare did in the lead up the ending, and how they made it play out.

    Severe plot/lore holes; incredibly stupid script errors; and not to mention the now-hilarious illusion of choice and that our decisions over the last 5 years would “impact” the ending.

    The ending — even though it’s been retconned to shit — is firmly established. If I have a save game from both ME1 and ME2, I literally have the same amount of outcome on what happens in the end, as a shooter dudebro fan who picks up ME3 and starts the franchise blind.

    You yourself admit that you haven’t played the game. Thousands and thousands of fans who have invested hundreds of hours across multiple games have, and there’s abundant evidence that ME3′s conclusion — not the final scene, but what it’s made up of — was a hack job. One that BioWare didn’t think would be noticed, or that they simply didn’t care about.

    It probably also didn’t help that the game is the product of an 18-month turnaround dev cycle.

  9. “I’m not sure when it happened but at some point, gamers’ entitlement has become a problem”

    We live in an entitelement society today, SADLY.

  10. By the by Deacon, I think your wrong, I think the majority of the players do have a problem with the ending, Google Mass Effect and check under shopping, the average review for Mass Effect 1 and 2 is 4 and 1/2 stars, Mass Effect 3 averages 2 and 1/2 stars. That indicates a LOT of people think there is a problem.

  11. Shawn, you are right. You have every right to dislike the game and inform others of your opinion. I have no problem with that. It’s the people making complaints to the FCC and the ones demanding it be fixed to please them, they’re the problem here. What law says Bioware was to make everyone happy? None.

    As for the number of people complaining being in the majority, that’s pretty hard to tell. In general, the angry mobs are always loud no matter the size. So yes, bad reviews will show up everywhere but how often do people give something a good review? I hardly ever give a good review unless I really love something. However, if I don’t think something is good, I’ll give it a bad review. Bioware has a large and passionate community. It doesn’t really matter what they do, they’re going to piss off someone.

  12. the majority will never be on the Internet .. it only makes up a few BUT they become the “vocal majority” and that sometimes outweighs the actual majority lol.

    but hey Shawn no worries .. we can’t always agree ;)

  13. @Lucid, even with that said … how can anyone expect BioWare or “demand” that they change it? The game stands as it is .. be that a total arse job or one of brilliance .. it stands as it is .. going to the FCC and such is just dumb.

  14. Yeah, but I thought they were going to the FTC, not the FCC, regardless, I expect those people are going to get told tough cookies. We’ve got the right to bitch, but I don’t think we’ve got the right to sue, or the right to expect the government to force Bioware to change the ending or give us our money back.

    I mean come on, Mass Effect 3 was a great game, the last 1/2 hour of it just went completely off of the rails, leave an angry review, gripe on some forums, and move on.

  15. true dat Shawn … i don’t know if you guys have seen The Mist but that movie is Mass Effect 3 in movie form . not in story but in overall “hey this is awesome until the ending that screws it up” lol

  16. @Deacon Also, The Village. What a crap movie.

  17. OMG Mist had the wrost ending EVER!!!!!!!! The Village was garbage too.

    I think ME fans are passionate, I should know, I am one of them.

    We want a proper closure to the story, so IF the ending is BAD, then I can understand the complaining from fans. I’ll reserve judgment when I beat the game myself.

    Now someone help me with the multiplayer so I can “access” the “best” ending LOL

  18. I don’t know where to stand on this. I can’t say anything without looking up what exactly the problem is, but then I’d spoil the ending of a series which I haven’t even played the first game of yet.

    On one hand, it might actually be a very bad/designed to be resolved by milking DLC/lazy ending, so why shouldn’t people have a right to complain? I know I’d be pissed off if 5 years of passion was abruptly ruined by an ending like that. Sometimes writers and producers need a really good smack (I thought immediately of LOST too lol), and video games more than films or books have the technological scope to rectify something like that.

    Then again, there comes a point when certain things just need to be left alone. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than if Final Fantasy VII was released with this kind of feedback (regarding the death of you know who), and SE began talks of ‘fixing’ it. The impact would never be the same again =(

    But, as I said at the start, because I don’t know whether this Mass Effect 3 ending falls under the former or the latter, I really can’t comment on who’s right. I’ll be waiting to hear what Boston has to say on the ending

  19. go play ME1 and ME2 Astrid! :)

  20. How about you play them yourself, Harris!

  21. Well, I finished the game last night and honestly, I kind of liked it. As for why people are freaking out… no idea. I hope Bioware leaves the ending as it is. If they want to do some DLC clearing up bits and pieces, I’m fine with that. Just leave the ending alone.

  22. StingJR, that is my biggest problem right there, and should be yours as well with the ending, the fact that you feel that there should be DLC to “clear up” the ending. That means that Bioware dropped the ball. I don’t mind Shepard dieing, I could live with Joker bailing out, but I really just want a bit of filler telling me what happened to my squadmates. What I didn’t want, but got, was a blurb to buy DLC. I’m a fan of DLC if it adds to the game, I bought every piece of DLC for Mass Effect 1 and 2 and enjoyed them (some more than others). But Mass Effect 1 and 2 had clear endings, that also clearly stated the story would be continued in the next game. Mass Effect 3 had an ambiguous ending that seems to be geared toward selling us DLC.

  23. [...] rushing it out and changing it from paid to free in order to appease the nerd rage going on about the ending of the game.  Although the new content won’t change the ending in place, it will supposedly give closure [...]

  24. I normally don’t insult a large number of people on the internet but damn these people whining because their skulls are too thick to understand what just frickin happened at the end of ME3 is their problem and not Bioware’s. It’s a case where the creators of a game mistakenly over estimated their followers level of intelligence and ability to retain information from previous parts of the game or even comprehend the information given to them in the codex section. That being said I hope Bioware mans up and keeps the ending the way it is. I would however like to see them part ways with EA (in the voice of Keith Olbermann) The Wooooorrrrsssssttt Companyyyyyy in the wooooorlddddd!

  25. well said JustStat

  26. I just found this article. Regarding the ending, the answers to explain what it is and how it makes sense with the game’s lore and how it fits into the game, etc are in the game itself. The ending’s theme has been in since Mass Effect 1, it’s not something they just cobbled up over a weekend. This trilogy was planned from way back in 2003.

    Bioware said before the game was released, you are going to be gathering clues to solve a puzzle. The ending is that puzzle, but the pieces are scattered throughout the game and even parts of the trilogy for you to find and decipher. It’s an ending that makes you think, and kind of how JustStat says (many people lack intelligence part), many people didn’t want an ending that did that.

    They just wanted to go up to the Citadel, push a button and everything is fine. Followed by a bunch of scenes which show you how every character and such lives happily ever after. Or a cutscene for every choice as some people wanted, that I talked to.

    Honestly with a game this size, you’d have a 10 hour epilogue which most people would probably go to sleep after 20 minutes. Not to mention, you couldn’t pause it, so if you had something to do, you couldn’t step away from the thing without missing certain parts.

    As for the EA bit, Bioware has been bought by EA, so unless people know someone with several billion dollars to acquire the company, I don’t see this happening. Besides, Microsoft, being their former publisher isn’t quite the same since Bill Gates left. Windows 8 is crap and Steve Ballmer is their new psychotic CEO. A hamster on coffee as Kelly would say.

  27. well said mag.

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