Windows Phone kicks balls with Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 and more!

Microsoft has been dishing out more and more games for its Windows Phone that continue to increase in quality.  On Wednesday, March 21st, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 will make its debut on Xbox Live for Windows Phone.  It’ll be $4.99 so start saving up now.  I know there are quite a few Pro Evolution fans out there so this one should be received really well.

On top of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, Windows Phone has seen quite a few titles since I last briefed you boys and girls.

Splinter Cell: Conviction

Everyone’s favorite sneak attack agent brings his gadgets to Windows Phone!  Sam Fisher controls really well in this mobile entry.  I’m used to Fisher on my big screen TV but this one definitely holds its own in the palm of your hands.

Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp and Dodonpachi Maximum also found their way to Windows Phone.  I think Toy Soldiers is a little wacky and I mean that in a good way.  You get to blow things up with little toys.  Dodonpachi Maximum is as weird as the name.  Both

Gerbil Physics

If you’ve played Angry Birds, Implosion XL and other titles that define gravity, then you’ll love tossing gerbils around.  It’s funny albeit not much in terms of a new concept.

One other thing to note is that the insane game Tentacles just got a new batch of DLC released for it.  The Tentacles Dog Eat God Expansion creates 16 new levels to “tentacle” your way through!  Its’ downloaded within the game and costs 80 Microsoft Points.

If you have a Windows Phone, now is the time to head back into the Games arena to see what’s cookin’.

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2 Responses to “ Windows Phone kicks balls with Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 and more! ”

  1. Too bad they removed PES 2011 though, so the net gain/loss on the WP Marketplace is 0.

  2. fair point MDG :)

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