Win the Mass Effect 3 Better with Kinect Avatar shirt!

It’s Friday … you ain’t got no job and you ain’t got shit to do. (Friday movie reference)  If that’s the case, then I have something for ya.  I’m here to make it at least a winning Friday for a few of you!  Everyone likes good

Thanks to one of Unscripted 360′s dedicated troopers, TheViddles, I have codes to a limited edition Mass Effect 3 Better with Kinect Avatar shirt for you boys and girls.  Pay close attention because you can easily win one for yourself and maybe that special lady gamer next to you.


I have to admit that this is one of the better looking Avatar shirts I’ve seen.  I’m going to sport mine tonight and I’m hoping that a few of you join me.  I have 17 male codes and about 36 female codes to give.  Let’s get on with it shall we?

I’m not an Avatar but that shirt is tasty … how do I win?

Simple.  Leave a comment below and you’re in it to win it.  I’ll pick the 53 winners this weekend and we’ll all be some ME3 shirt wearing freaks.  Let me know which gender you want (male or female) and also make sure you use a valid email address and Gamertag so that I can send the code to you.

Good luck!

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52 Responses to “ Win the Mass Effect 3 Better with Kinect Avatar shirt! ”

  1. Want it please DemanVT is my XBL tag thanks

  2. I’m in it to win it baby, cause I’m an ME fanboy!


  3. I need this shirt. My saints Row shirt got some blood on it and I hate the thought of hanging out with you shirtless. :)

  4. LOL the BEAR!!!! :)

  5. Female
    GT: SolemnDarkness

  6. That’s right… and you know my Gamer Tag.. You’re on my friends list :)

  7. Ooh, pretty please.

    GT: Jigsaw hc

  8. No doubt…sharp looking shirt!

  9. Even exercise is better with Kinect… But boy am I loving ME3!

  10. Yeah I would like a chance to win this shirt. I need something to cheer me up after our hours at work been cut

  11. Would love to win a code
    GT: Canis Firebrand

  12. I’ll take one of those Harris, thanks. Remember, Astrid wears male clothes

  13. lol oh Astrid

  14. I don’t have a kinect yet. Not enough room for one. :(

  15. RAWR and stuff

  16. I’d love to sport some N7 status via my Avatar please.

  17. Great contests guys keep it up

  18. sure add my name in there

  19. LOL @ Astrid

  20. @JuggaLords, it’s not a Kinect contest .. it’s just a giveaway for an Avatar shirt code lol :)

  21. Love a code for my ME3 shirt….thanx for the contest!!

  22. Male shirt code BTW plz!

  23. Thanks for the contest. Male code if I win. GT- Dzauk


  24. I’d love a shirt! Thanks!

  25. Sorry…I screwed up my previous post. I would like a male shirt. Please and thank you! :)

  26. i got you Chad :)

  27. Female shirt please! Thank you

    Gamertag: Ava Shae

  28. gotcha Ava ;)

  29. you boys and girls would’ve unlocked a medal here if you were logged in and registered ;)

  30. The medal makes me a proud owner of a RE5 elite owner, still no RROD its been my longest lasting 360 so far!

  31. Count me in!

  32. If you’d still have a male one left, I’d gladly take it off your hands…

  33. what’s your Gamertag?

  34. I’m glad everyone seems to be enjoying the Mass Effect gear! Hopefully I will be able to score more stuff like this again.

  35. i dlike a male please


  36. if you still have any spare one’s over id like to have a female or male one my GT is oO W3NDY Oo


  37. Id love a black ME3 avatar T.shirt for my xbox avatar!

    G/tag: TRICKY1976

  38. Please can i win a male avtar shirt thanks

    Gamertag = BELLAMYBOYZccfc

  39. ID love a mass effect T.shirt

    gamatag – Bellamyboyz

  40. i like to recive a maild shirt please. GT: X Don DilaT0r X Thank you in advance

  41. please let me win a shirt : )

    gamertag: ii Iz ToRmEnTeD

  42. I love mass effect id love to sport an avatar shirt

    G.tag. Richy Hudspeth

  43. I would love to win a shirt!

    Gamertag- ii Iz BeLlAmY

  44. i dlike a male tshirt please GT NuclearKAMIKAZ

    thx in advance

  45. thanks for the comments and checking the giveaway :)

  46. I would love one of these shirts please!
    Male if i am a winner and my Gamertag is RHINOTRONICS
    Thanks for the oppratunity!

  47. We hope to get one of these for our website One of our fans told us you were giving these away.
    Male Please
    XBOXAvatarGEAR =GT

  48. yep i gave a few for you guys to use on your site :)

  49. @Sean, i remember you from the official Xbox forums with that huge game library if i’m not mistaken :)

  50. Damn i didnt win one : (

  51. Yeah i used to be around on the XBOX Forums. Been XBOX Famous a few times, Used to have the largest XBOX Faceplate collection, been in the OXM magazine a few times.

  52. i want one please

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