I’ll take that Xbox in white please

Hello boys and girls.  Today I’m going to give you a lesson on colors.  First the Xbox 360 was white and then it was black and then it was shiny black … and now it’s white again.  Got it?  Okay good.  Let me introduce you to the Xbox 360 Special Edition 4GB Kinect Family Bundle.

This limited edition bundle includes a glossy white Xbox 360 4GB console, glossy white Kinect sensor, white Xbox 360 wireless controller and a copy of two of the most popular Kinect tiles: Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures as well as a three month subscription to Xbox LIVE Gold and will be available while supplies last for US $299.99.

In addition, a special edition White Xbox 360 wireless controller will be available for purchase separately for US $49.99 and available with the bundle.

And guess what?  It’s available now so you can grab it at a local retailer.

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  1. Even though I rather Black for my home theater, that thang is sexy…. This is why I don’t have money, I already have a 360 and would have gotten one of these lol.

  2. Look at your white xbox
    Now look at my black xbox
    now look at your white xbox again
    now look at my black xbox again.
    You see?

  3. They are trying to sell as many xboxes now until the new one comes out end of this year. I’m not buying a new xbox unless 1) mine breaks OR 2) the new version comes out.

  4. Even if no new xbox out this year, Microsoft needs to change things up to try and keep selling the xbox and make $$$$



  5. I am the new xbox…. O_O There will be talk about the next gen consoles this E3 in my opinion. I doubt they’ll so hardware and it won’t be coming out this year but they’ll show some “next gen vision” tech demos. If they don’t then I’m curious what they’ll do this year because the last 2 E3’s have been sorta meh.

    Seriously though I’m the new Xbox…. I hacked Elle’s brain and see’s what she see’s…. O_O

  6. Actually I really don’t like it. Was never fond of it when it was white the first time, so I was glad they came out with black. Once I went black I had no plans to go back. LOL

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