Windows Phone ramping up its Xbox Live games

Xbox Live on Windows Phone has been hit or miss since Microsoft ushered in the mobile Xbox Live era.  It has been a long road to make the games on Windows Phone appealing beyond the simple fact that they offer up easy Achievements (mostly).  Over the last month or so Microsoft has really pushed out quite a few games worth the $2.99 price beyond easy cheevos.

I figured I’d give a breakdown of the few that caught my eye that I think fans of Xbox Live on Windows Phone should check out.  It all starts with the dead and ends with chickens that apparently can’t fly.  Read on my ninjas.

Hasta La Muerte – this games bring death to Windows Phone almost literally.  You are an emissary of death and your job is to free the souls of those whose time has come.  You twist, turn and reposition your phone to navigate through quite a few levels and boss battles.  It’s unique and fun.

Fragger – Let the bombs hit the floor!  With Fragger I suppose it’s best to say let the grenades hit the floor.  It’s not a new title but it’s still crazy fun.   Instead of flinging birds, you’re throwing grenades and blowing shit up.  What could be more fun?

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit – I’ve played this game to death on iOS and it’s just as fun on Windows Phone.  I’d wager that it’s more fun considering there’s a bigger screen to play with on Windows Phone.  EA did a great job porting the game over.  It’s fast, fun and the controls are near perfect.

Bullet Asylum – Wow.  It’s like the little red-headed stepchild of Geometry Wars.  There are so many colors and an insane amount of destruction at your fingertips.  Bigger guns is almost always best.  If you fancy a lot of crazy action, then give this a spin.

Spider Jack – Again, this isn’t new but I just get a kick out of how difficult it is and how frustrating it is to play this game.  I hated it on iOS and well I actually hate it now on Windows Phone.  Confused?  Well I hate it in such a way that I love to play it.  Make sense?

Chickens Can’t Fly – Which came first .. the flying chicken or the egg?  You may think you know what to expect from a title like that but it’s nothing like you expect.  The game is ridiculous.  You have to play it to understand its madness.  There are experiments to be done on these chickens so get to it!

There are quite a few additional games recently that have made Xbox Live on Windows Phone a really fun place to hang out while getting your mobile gaming on.  You can check out a few more recent releases right here.

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  1. They better! O_O The biggest knock against them is their app situation… Lots of company’s won’t even code for the thing because the numbers aren’t thur and they still think WP is a joke that’ll go away soon.

    Hopefully with Windows 8 lots of people will start coding Metro apps which they can convert to WP apps through the dev tools with minimal effort from what I understand.

    I’m not hating, I’m a big fan of MS and it’s annoying to see them fail in certain markets with products that are actually good.

  2. If I could code I would totally be making apps for WP of apps I enjoy on other platforms but I can’t sooooooo……. Bacon?

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