Do you want an Xbox handheld?

I was on the train this morning reading about the PS Vita and its troubles.  There’s no doubt the Vita has some impressive specs but was it necessary for Sony to continue on trying to fight a war against Nintendo that will never be won?  Many would argue that the fate of the PSP Go should’ve warned Sony that its handheld days are numbered.  Some would also point to the struggles of the Vita so far but that hasn’t stopped Sony.

Do you consider the Windows Phone the equivalent of the Xbox handheld that has so long been rumored?  Or would you rather Microsoft make one specifically to fight the DS’s and 3DS’s of the world?

I’m not a fan of the PS Vita.  I don’t think it was necessary at all.  I have a PSP and I don’t play it.  My mobile phone does pretty much everything I need it to do and everything my PSP was used for.  I used to take it on flights with me to watch movies but now I have a tablet to do that and a phone.  It’s one less thing to carry.  What makes the Vita so special that I would spend another $300+ on it?

I can’t see it.  I don’t think I would entertain an Xbox handheld at this point.  I think Microsoft is wise to simply abandon any thoughts of making a dedicated handheld.  What say you?

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  1. Look, if xbox made a handheld it would dominate the market. Microsoft definatly has the money to do such a thing and i honestly think it would be a great idea. People want new, and its been a while since the last thing that has come out for gaming that was major “the Kinect”. I think people would be shocked of the making of a handheld by microsoft and it will definatly be a quick and easy sell to the public because in my opinion its new, and is made by a company that has never let anyone down when it comes to gaming and people know that, and i really think microsoft has the creativity to do such a thing.

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