Square Enix wakes up Sleeping Dogs

From the ashes shall there rise something new.  I’m not sure if that’s a saying but it’s so fitting as that which was set to die has now been reborn.  Remember that True Crime: Hong Kong game that Activision wanted nothing to do with?  Well Square Enix picked up the pieces last year and those pieces have apparently become a new animal for consoles.  Today SE unveiled Sleeping Dogs to the world.

And they’ve done it as only Square Enix can with a live action trailer highlighting some intense martial arts.  In the game you’ll play as an undercover cop, Wai Shen, investigating Hong Kong’s criminal underworld.  Sound fun?  You bet it does!

I’m interested to see what they had in store for True Crime: Hong Kong and how it has been altered in Sleeping Dogs.  Let’s go Square Enix .. let’s see what this thing wakes up in us.

Check out the trailer below.

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6 Responses to “ Square Enix wakes up Sleeping Dogs ”

  1. Harris posted a SE article? I’m shocked LOL

  2. Live action trailer? LOL I want to see game material, damn it

  3. i post it all Nina :)

  4. Square Enix being awesome again, I expect nothing less

  5. I actually enjoyed the last two True Crime games, I’m glad they’re giving it another shot.

    That damn True Crime: Streets of LA song in stuck in my head for the rest of my life……

  6. This looks interesting and they came out with a live action trailer which makes this even more interesting. As you can tell I’m definitely interested :)

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