The Darkness II Stay in the Light Giveaway

You knew it was coming and with the official release of The Darkness II today, the Stay in the Light Giveaway begins!  Jackie Estacado is now the head of the New York crime family and he’s about to unleash the Darkness yet again.  If you’ve missed out on the 2007 surprise hit The Darkness, then have no fear because the Stay in the Light Giveaway is here.

Stay in the Light Giveaway

• Two copies of the original The Darkness via Games on Demand redeem code
• Two copies of The Darkness II
• Two winners (each getting the first game and sequel)

That’s right evil minions!  Not only do you have a chance to win the new game but you also have a chance to get the first one too; making it the ultimate mega giveaway!  You can own the beginning and the sequel so that you get the entire story around The Darkness saga.

Did you hear me?  The Darkness and The Darkness II can both be yours!

How can I stay in the light and win?

It’s easy.  Leave a comment, email me or send me a message on Xbox Live saying you want to “stay in the light” and win.  That’s it.  I’ll pick winners on Valentine’s Day (February 14) so be sure to check back on this post for your name to confirm!  If you don’t confirm, I’ll move on to plan B.  Two lucky individuals will walk away with the entire The Darkness series!

Ready .. set … stay in the light!!

[Update - Winners]

SugarRy – confirmed
(new winner inbound)

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57 Responses to “ The Darkness II Stay in the Light Giveaway ”

  1. Nice contest.

    I want to “stay in the light” because I’m in it to “win” it.

    How ironic, a “Darkness” contest for Valentine’s Day. LOL!

  2. Yeah I want to stay in the light.

    only played the demo for the first one, Hope to win.

    Thanks for the chance Deac

  3. I definitely want to “stay in the light” and win the darkness 2! even though i want to be in the dark >:} jackie is my boy!

  4. I want to stay in the light plzzzz!

  5. I loved the first and want to haz the second, you should totally pick me random selection robit. :)

    I want to “stay in the light” and win.

    I also wanna Turn ON the lights and light a DUDE ON FIRE! O_O

  6. The first Darkness was awesome minus the multiplayer which was too darn laggy. I want to stay in the light and win. Maybe I can find that Kinect Sensor in the light. LOL! Sorry Deac. You know I had too go there. :)

  7. lmao SugarRy that will always be an EPIC fail on my part but totally my partner’s fault lol

  8. I want to stay in the light, my friend! You rock Deac!!

  9. I want to “stay in the light” and get an epic win tan!

  10. I want to “STAY IN THE LIGHT.”

    Have not played the first game, liked the demo for 2. Would love to win both!

  11. “Stay in the light?” muahahahaha!! I think I would rather win and stay in the Darkness… double Darkness in fact ;p Lame jokes aside, haha, I never did get a chance to play The Darkness, so this would be a sweet opportunity if I win! Woo! :)

  12. I want to Stay in the Light and Win! Perfect way to add this to my collection of games and I’m a big believer of playing games in order too.

  13. I want to stay in the light!!!!

  14. I would like to try a different type of game….”stay in the light” and maybe get away from call of duty for a while…lol

  15. I want to stay in the light!


  16. I want to “stay in the light”
    Can’t wait to play these games

  17. i’d like to stay in the light. that’d be cool.

  18. Wow! Great giveaway.
    Count me in :)

  19. I want to stay in the light and win

  20. I want to stay in the light and win.

  21. Hi,

    I want to “Stay in the light” and “Win”!!!!!

    I have yet to play the first one but the game looks interesting and if its good enough for a sequel then its something that should be played!

    Stay classy U360,
    Tony Winsta

  22. I want to “Stay in the light” and “Win”!!!!

    Loved the first game, would love to win to play the second.

  23. “Stay in the Light” … I wanna fold up some wanna be ganstas in the Darkness 2 !!!

  24. oh and Win of course LOl …

  25. I want to stay in the light.

  26. I loved the first game and I want to stay in the light!

  27. I went to the Darkness with the original game back in 2007 and have never been the same. The game blew me away with the vicious, un-forgiveness of The Darkness and I want to “Stay in the Light” for sure! I sold my original copy of the game, but want to get both copies for some “Jackie-licioius” fun! You are the man Deacon, so help a gaming fiend feed the hunger!

  28. yo what’s up RAIN!!! :)

  29. I want to stay in the light!

  30. stay in the light” and win i would like to play this game since i played the first one and i loved it and darkness 2 looks really epic and i want to show everyone else how to get past certain parts on the game best of luck to everyone

  31. thanks for staying in the light everyone ;)

  32. “stay in the light”

  33. I want to “Stay in the light” and “Win” Darkness II I love 2Kgames and this one would be sweet.

    Thanks Deacon

  34. One day till the giveaway. I can feel the light shining on me already. :)

  35. Best of luck to you all and happy Valentines day as well. Hoping the light shines on me with a win myself now. :)

  36. Sweet. Happy Valentines day to me! Thanks Deacon! I will need to get you my new address. Been a rough week so far so maybe this will turn my week around!

  37. cool well i’ll go ahead and send the download code for the original The Darkness to you via Xbox Live :) congrats!

  38. Emailed you my address Deacon. Looking forward to playing this game. Wanted to buy it anyways so this is some good luck winning! Congrats to Faperture!!!!

  39. Sorry Faperture. Good luck to the next in line. :) You snooze you lose!

  40. What happa?

  41. you fail lol

  42. WHOOP! There’s still a chance! I’ll check back daily :)

  43. If there is still a chance, I want to stay in the light too!
    But if there isn’t, I still want to stay in the light!

  44. man I wish i had won this game.

  45. well i still have the original up for grabs anyone want?

  46. Dibs

  47. Wait, didn’t you say two copies of the darkness 2?

  48. Yep .. there WERE two copies but the winners have them already .. i just have an extra copy of the first one.

  49. No announced second winner then?

  50. yep both winners were notified already :)

  51. yep .. thanks by the way Deacon!!! too surprised to read the email last week .. The Darkness 2 is awesome!

  52. no sweat Carbon .. glad you got it amigo :)

  53. So what’s happening with the darkness 1 code then?

  54. gave it away on Twitter.

  55. if anyone wants to play me I have the first Darkness send my GT a message if anyone wants to play co-op or online.

  56. Man Deac, thanks. Really enjoying the Darkness 2. Playing it whenever I have any free time. Probably a fourth of the way through the game and so far its awesome.

  57. glad you got it amigo :)

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