The Darkness II Stay in the Light Giveaway

You knew it was coming and with the official release of The Darkness II today, the Stay in the Light Giveaway begins!  Jackie Estacado is now the head of the New York crime family and he’s about to unleash the Darkness yet again.  If you’ve missed out on the 2007 surprise hit The Darkness, then have no fear because the Stay in the Light Giveaway is here.

Stay in the Light Giveaway

• Two copies of the original The Darkness via Games on Demand redeem code
• Two copies of The Darkness II
• Two winners (each getting the first game and sequel)

That’s right evil minions!  Not only do you have a chance to win the new game but you also have a chance to get the first one too; making it the ultimate mega giveaway!  You can own the beginning and the sequel so that you get the entire story around The Darkness saga.

Did you hear me?  The Darkness and The Darkness II can both be yours!

How can I stay in the light and win?

It’s easy.  Leave a comment, email me or send me a message on Xbox Live saying you want to “stay in the light” and win.  That’s it.  I’ll pick winners on Valentine’s Day (February 14) so be sure to check back on this post for your name to confirm!  If you don’t confirm, I’ll move on to plan B.  Two lucky individuals will walk away with the entire The Darkness series!

Ready .. set … stay in the light!!

[Update – Winners]

SugarRy – confirmed
(new winner inbound)

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  1. yep .. thanks by the way Deacon!!! too surprised to read the email last week .. The Darkness 2 is awesome!

  2. if anyone wants to play me I have the first Darkness send my GT a message if anyone wants to play co-op or online.

  3. Man Deac, thanks. Really enjoying the Darkness 2. Playing it whenever I have any free time. Probably a fourth of the way through the game and so far its awesome.

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