Microsoft Points going bye-bye?

The Internet is always full of rumors and speculation.  Today we have a supposed report that Microsoft Points will be phased out towards the end of the year and replaced with real money.  I’ve never really been on the “die MS Points” bandwagon.  I like them actually.  I suppose I don’t really care either way but I know there are some out there who despite the points system.

Well if this report is true then you’ll be spending cash amounts now instead of points.  The one thing it’ll clear up is the leftover Microsoft Point balances that everyone has.  You could never buy just enough that you needed so that’ll be a good thing if this is true.

What say you?  Do you prefer Microsoft Points or would you rather simply have cash amounts to decipher?  Those of you who don’t want credit cards on file will no doubt be upset about this.  As it stands now, you can easily go to a store and buy some Microsoft Points to use on your account without having to constantly remove your credit card.

However, if this does happen, you’ll have to keep a credit card on file for purchases or either be resigned to the fact that you’ll have to constantly remove it after each purchase.


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  1. I don’t understand why 90% of the Internet hates Microsoft Points. They’re especially better over here, where we don’t get fucked over with a conversion rate. Plus you can always get offers on them in stores to get more for your money. I’ll probably be buying a lot less, if anything at all, if they scrap them here. Fuck paying £10 for an XBLA game, when I could get three games worth of points for £15

  2. Oh Astrid, swearing like that.

    I don’t mind the points, I know some people dislike them.

    I wonder what the real reasons Microsoft may be switching to $ versus points.

  3. i agree with nan. i really like them because of the deals you can get on points. buy 30 worth of points for 15. when its just cash you will be paying for it all, no deals, no free points, no games. M$ wants there MONEEYYYY

  4. NoTongue, it’s THEIR not THERE LOL

    Dragoon is right, keeping the cards is excellent to help reduce CC theft.

    There MAY still be deals with $ instead of points, we don’t know for sure if they will eliminate deals.

  5. What everyone else said lol. My main issue would be the point cards no longer going on sale and not being able to get point from a third party….. Hopefully if this is true they put out prepaid cards like PSN ($20,$50) so I can still get sales and keep my credit card off my account. It’s also nice to have a code emailed to me via Amazon or BestBuy paid for via credit I have laying around.

    It just seems like a hassle for them to explain to customers and for customers in general, if anything they should just make it so that every item has a points or cash value and they user can chose how to pay like the system already in place for Games on Demand in The Butt.

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