12 month Xbox Live Gold for $40

Wanna save $20 on a year’s worth of Xbox Live Gold?  GameStop figures you do and they’re giving you a 12-month subscription to Xbox Live for $39.99.  That’s about the price you just can’t pass up eh?  Head over to GameStop and order yours today.

Say what you will about the retail giant but this is a pretty sweet deal.  What say you?

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They call me "The Velvet Voice". I'm a Microsoft Xbox MVP and Author of the Day 8 New Human War book series on Amazon.com. I like sunshine, games and large amounts of money. You can follow me on Twitter @deaconblade. Take a look at my About Me Bio for more on what I do.

4 Responses to “ 12 month Xbox Live Gold for $40 ”

  1. Excuse me while I go rob a bank…. “Gimmie $39.99 plus tax, NOW!”* O_O

    *Just encase someone does do this it wasn’t me Cops…..

  2. “in case” not encase homeboy

  3. Damn you auto correct! Now my * means nothing and the popo is coming for me…. :’(

  4. i would like this

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