Square Enix member service hacked

Where’s a fancy dragon or sword when you need one?  Square Enix has temporarily suspended some of its services due a suspected hacking of its member services.

“We have reason to believe that unknown parties may have gained unauthorized access to a particular Square Enix server related to the free SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS service offered in North America and Japan. In response, Square Enix, Inc. has temporarily suspended operation of the SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS service starting at 10PM (PST) on December 12, 2011.”

It doesn’t appear to have any affect on credit cards but just to be safe I’d be monitoring anyway.  Someone out there is definitely not enjoying their “fantasy” anymore.

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3 Responses to “ Square Enix member service hacked ”

  1. European Members site is still up and awesome :D

  2. oh Astrid .. they’ll hack you soon lol

  3. I forgot if I had an account with them still or not. I’m soooo gonna sue them for 1 copy of FF 13-2 collectors edition. :p

    Damn hackers hacking over the internet, hack my face and see what happens! O_O

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