Kinectimals on Windows Phone … cute and fun!

When Kinectimals was first announced for Kinect, it had millions of little kids across the world going crazy and a million more fathers putting down pre-orders.  Who doesn’t like adorable little lions, tigers and panthers despite the fact that they’re savage predators? (smiles)

Anyway, fast forward to the present and Microsoft is finally taking advantage of its Xbox Live function on Windows Phone with a mobile version of Kinectimals.  It’s not the complete Kinectimals experience you’ve played on the Xbox 360 but it’s a well developed “smaller” version for your phones.  You can create your own cub, play with it and care for it.  You can run it through obstacles and teach it tricks.  If you’re familiar with Kinectimals for Kinect, you’ll be right at home.  There’s a good experience in the island of Lemuria for you to enjoy.


Kinectimals on the Windows Phone keeps the same cuddly and cute design.  The cubs looked great on the HD7 I was using.  Teaching my lion cub tricks, who I fittingly named “Deacon”, wasn’t as fun as jumping around in front of Kinect but it was still fun.  You can do pretty much everything you can do on the phone that you can on your console.  You can even import your cub to your console!  I’m happy to finally see some cross-device success with Windows Phone and Xbox 360. 

There are five new cubs to play with and new ones to unlock once you play Kinectimals on your phone.  It’s a really basic game but one that just works and meets all expectations.  I’m not too sure how you’ll enjoy nurturing an adorable cub at your fingertips but my daughter and I sure did.


Developer: Frontier Developments
Cost: $2.99
Final quote: It’s fun, cute and dammit I like it!

Download Kinectimals


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  1. Cute snow tiger! great job again Deac on the Windows Phone gaming .. still with Android but with every post you make i’m switching lol … got any discounts??

  2. haha not that i know of

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