Dance Central 2 has moves like Jagger!

Developer: Harmonix
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
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Don’t you love a good sequel?  I know I do and this latest installment of the game really gets you groovin’.  Dance Central 2 is a solid follow up to its successful Kinect title predecessor Dance Central.

You can tell that Harmonix values fan feedback which is awesome because to be quite honest at times it can seem that some companies just don’t care.  Dance Central 2 has improved some of the gameplay aspects in addition to the use of more Kinect technology.  The top new features are simultaneous multiplayer, the use of voice controls and 40 awesome songs! 

I like to yell and most people don’t take it well but my Xbox does.  Having the ability to command my Xbox to help me maneuver through the Dance Central 2 menus is BOSS.  It’s a nice use of the Kinect sensor and its range of functionality.  The obvious main focus of DC2 is on the simultaneous multiplayer.  Whether you decide to perform or dance battle with your friends, the option to jump in or out is always available.  The new Free-4-All midpoint is super fun.  During Dance battles, the Free-4-All is your chance to catch up or keep your lead by executing as many moves as you can very quickly.  This is an opportune moment to smack talk your competition too!

I enjoyed the tweaked game modes as well as the new career mode where you can gain dance swagger proving yourself to the different dance crews.  The characters are very animated and they don’t hold back in expressing their opinion of you so you best bring it.

The fitness mode of the game is an improvement over what it was in the first game.  I honestly believe it is a great springboard for someone who wants to improve their fitness in the privacy of their own home by expressing themselves through the joy of movement to great music and possibly with friends if they so desire.  There are ready-to-go fitness playlists for continuous calorie burning.  Also, the option to disable freestyle sections is a perfect way to keep your body movin’!

In addition to those wonderful new features, creating your own playlists is a gem!  Nothing beats being able to tailor make your own grooving list.  This type of personalization is a treasure to any dancer.  On a side note, I have to say that I loved the nod to the old school players like myself.  Dance Central 2 has hits like “Humpty Dance”, “Baby Got back”, “Venus” and “My Prerogative”.  All of these old school tracks can be appreciated by the younger generation and nostalgically loved by music veterans.

Finally, what about your songs from Dance Central?  No worries because for a small fee they can be imported to be played on DC2!  That’s not all.  Any DLC songs you acquired automatically transfer to your DC2 song list so feel free to raise the “Temperature” on the dance floor with Sean Paul or show them who is in “Control” with Janet Jackson.  As an added bonus, now through Saturday November 5th all the Dance Central songs not included on the game disc will be on SALE  so get ‘em while the getting is good!

Dance Central 2 drops today so be as cool as Sub Zero and get your dance on (watch this).  And don’t forget that you can get into the groove with the Dance Central 2 demo right here!


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