Win the Batman: Arkham City Strategy Guide and app!

Let’s face it … Batman: Arkham City and The Riddler plan to make it really hard on you.  If Arkham Asylum were any clue, the riddles you’ll have to find in Arkham City will be extremely challenging.  And the riddles won’t be the only thing the game will throw at you.  I know you might not like to have your hand held throughout the quest to complete the game but Brady Games is at least making it some quality hand holding.

Thanks to my friends at Brady Games I not only have two of the Official Strategy Guides for Batman: Arkham City to give away but I also have two redeem codes for the Official Batman: Arkham City Map App on iPhone (iOS devices).  You can proceed to jump up and down now!

The strategy guide gives you a complete walk-through of the game along with some great collectible items and the map app gives you locations of more than 350 collectibles, riddles, and an interactive tracking system all in the palm of your hand.  It’s the perfect combo to cover all of Arkham City inch by inch.

I won’t tell you to use the guide initially but once you complete the game it’ll be awesome having these two things to help you go back and discover things you might have missed.  I’ll even give you the location of one of The Riddler’s little gems below.


[ click here for pics of the map app ]

And hey, there’s nothing wrong with sitting down from the start and following the guide and app so you complete it all during the first playthrough.  It’s up to you.  But let’s get down to the goodies shall we!

How do I win?

Simple.  Leave a comment, email me or message me on Xbox LIVE who your favorite villain or hero is in Batman: Arkham City … and why.  Is it Nightwing, Penguin, Catwoman, Hugo Strange, Batman, Robin, The Joker … who is it?

I’ll pick four winners and announce them on Friday, October 28.  Winners will be posted here so be sure to check back for your name and confirm.  If you don’t confirm, then I’ll have to pick additional winners.

Good luck!

[Update – Winners Announced] – If you’re on this list, please confirm and send me an email with your address for shipping.

andyg8180 – iOS Map App

Hench4Life – iOS Map App

Brooks – Strategy Guide

Harlem S – Strategy Guide


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  1. Batman, who doesn’t like the Dark Knight. Considering he’s only using tech to defeat all baddies, he is more capable than a lot of heroes who has superpowers on their side.

  2. Batman is my favorite hero because he’s more complex than a vigilante and has the cool tech and fighting skills to take down the baddies.

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