Halo CE: Anniversary will enable Kinect voice commands

If you were wondering what the Kinect features of Halo CE: Anniversary were, then wonder no more because 343 Industries let the folks know at New York Comic-Con.  You’ll be able to shout things like “grenade” and “reload” at Kinect to trigger those actions in the game.  Bruno Mars would be happy.

I’m not sure what additional voice commands will be included but there’s at least the grenade function so I’m happy.  I’m going to shout that at every turn when I see some stupid Covenant coming at me.  “GRENADE five feet 12 o’clock”!  Do you think it’ll be that detailed or will it simply toss the grenade in any direction.  I’d like to be able to target it.

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3 Responses to “ Halo CE: Anniversary will enable Kinect voice commands ”

  1. Reload is a brilliant idea, because that still allows you to aim. Grenade on the other hand is stupid. You still need to aim and direct a grenade. So doing that and then shouting grenade will take twice as long as pressing the button, and losing time is bad in an FPS

  2. i’m going to shout GRENADE BITCH!!! lol :)

  3. haha kinda dumb but i love it! definitely going to have fun with this!

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