Rochard Review … the legend of John Rochard begins

Developer: Recoil Games
Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
System: PlayStation 3
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Are you a fan of 2D platforming action?  Do you like blasting people with ridiculous gravity shifting devices?  Want to have some fun?  If you said yes to any of these, then you’re going to enjoy this review of Recoil Games’ Rochard! 

You play the game as John Rochard, a galactic astro-mining worker with the Skyrig Corporation.  He’s so far away from what you’d expect a central character to be.  He has a beer belly, small legs and a grumpy attitude.  Throw a mustache on John Goodman, cartoon him up and you’ll have John Rochard.  He somehow stumbles upon some ancient alien ruins hidden in an asteroid system and soon thereafter gets stranded without his team. 

He’s alone and has to find his missing team while battling the dangerous space bandits.  But he won’t have to do it bare knuckle.  He’s armed with the G-Lifter device.  The G-Lifter manipulates gravity and moves objects around to help John progress through the chapters as well as defeat the evil that lurks.  If you give me a G-Lifter in the real world I’d be having all kinds of fun.  It’s my new favorite gaming tool behind the Portal device.

Rochard is the PSN exclusive that Xbox 360 gamers should be petitioning for.

Throughout the game you’ll gain new abilities and power ups to help you defeat the bad guys.  The further along you go, the more awesome the things you get to play with become.  I love the Rock Blaster.  The puzzles definitely get frustrating at times and more challenging.  But seeing old John rumble about with his tiny legs never gets old.  You feel as though you’re playing through a Saturday morning cartoon with the visual style Recoil decided to go with.  The levels in which there is no gravity and you’re seemingly suspended in air while you jump are the most fun.  Why is this game only 5 chapters though?  Shame.   


Rochard has some incredible voicework to brag about with Jon St. John commanding the main character.  You know him don’t you?  Does Duke Nukem ring a bell?  Rochard also has a really awesome soundtrack to listen to courtesy of Markus “Captain” Kaarlonen from Poets of the Fall.  All of these things were so well put together that I often wondered if the $10 price was right.  It could’ve been $15-$20 and I wouldn’t expect a complaint.  But I understand it’s hard out there for a PSN title when battling against bigger names and such.

John Rochard and Recoil Games where have you been all my next generation life?  Rochard is the PSN exclusive that Xbox 360 gamers should be petitioning for.  Rochard is packed with puzzles and some great level design.  When you’re playing through the game you’ll be completely sold on the mixture of style, funny characters and the soundtrack.  It’s a near perfect mix.  This game should be played and enjoyed by every gamer out there. 

I’d let you all borrow my PS3 if it were possible but since it isn’t, I’ll try to enjoy Rochard twice as much for you all.


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  1. Thanks Deac .. just picked up a PS3 about 2 months ago and I need some good recommendations .. Rochard here I come then :)

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