RAGE will be 3 discs on Xbox 360!

I know I’ve expressed my opinions on multiple disc games haven’t I?  Well iD Software’s Creative Director Tim Willit just let the cat out of the bag that Rage will indeed come on 3 discs on the Xbox 360.  It will be a single disc for the PS3.  This means that Rage will be greater than Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Skyrim combined considering they’re both on one disc doesn’t it? (wink)

“We recommend installing the game to the hard drive, but you don’t need to install all three discs,” he said. “If you don’t have the space available on your hard drive, don’t stress. Install the first disc, the first chapter, the first half of the game, then when you’re done, uninstall and install disc two. You don’t really need to install the multiplayer disc if you’re really tight on hard disk space.”

I’ll be installing the full game on my hard drive but for those of you out there like EYEGotcha with the original Xbox 360, good luck.  You need to invest in a larger hard drive and do it soon.  The Xbox 360 is beginning to show its limitations compared to the PS3 and its Bluray storage.

What say you?  The game will be damn good but will the disc swapping affect your purchase?

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  1. I have the first version xbox as well, with like no hd space, so switching discs will be a pretty bad pain, but at least it’s not like the first resident evil hopefully where you were constantly switching back and forth. I imagine you get to a point and then you’re done with the first on to the second and so on.

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