Implode! dropping bombs on Windows Phone

Ever just want to blow some stuff up with sticks of dynamite and not have to worry about jail time?  Well IUGO has done you a favor and brought their explosive little title to a Windows Phone near you.  What makes it better than the iOS version?  Achievements duh!  Follow me now as my Xbox Live on Windows Phone journey continues with Implode!.

The game itself is pretty straightforward.  You have a limited number of explosives that you must use in order to tear down any given structure.  You have to tear it down enough that the rubble dips below the marked line.  Trust me, it’s not that easy.  It might look like nothing special but the physics in the game make it a trippy play.  Not all of the explosives you get act the same so the strategy gets tough especially in the later levels.  And there are over 100 levels!

Did I mention that it has a level editor?  Something that games like Angry Birds and other similar types are missing is that one element … user creation.  Implode! has it though and it’s pretty extensive for a mobile app.  You can make some really difficult levels to play with.  The pinch and zoom touch controls though aren’t as seamless as they should be.  I had trouble moving and positioning the blocks but maybe that was a finger thing.

All of this coupled with the fact that you can cram in some Achievements makes Implode DY – NO – MITE!  Tell me you all remember Good Times?  Anyway, I would’ve enjoyed a more colorful display but the chalkboard look works well for it.  Hey there’s a free trial so you can have a sample before blowing up your wallet.  See what I did there?

Developer: IUGO Mobile Entertainment
Cost: $2.99
Final quote: Implode! is one of those games that you don’t know how fun it is until realize you’ve been playing it for 4 straight hours … BOOM goes the dynamite!

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  1. you’re making me want to get a Windows Phone! this and all the showing off you did of yours at the Gears 3 launch … would’ve liked some of those Beards & Beaks things you were giving away that night!

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