Orcs Must Die! and you must interact!

One of the themes of the Xbox Live Arcade this year is that everything must die.  From zombies to aliens and now Orcs .. they all must die!  I’m excited about this game not only because it’s from Robot Entertainment who happens to be here in Dallas but because I’ve always wanted to kill some damn Orcs in a cool and fun way.  I’ve killed plenty in the LOTR series but this time Robot Entertainment is making it a little less “real” and a lot more fun.

One of my good friends SixOkay, the Community Manager at Robot Entertainment, just hit the interwebs up with an interactive trailer for Orcs Must Die! and it’s pretty damn cool.  The trailer is literally hand’s on.  You can interact with it to test different gameplay strategies.

I need to find my way down to the studio and see if I can get some hand’s on with this one before its October release.  The gameplay looks manic and action packed.  And who doesn’t like holding it down against Orcs?

Who’s ready to kill some Orcs?  Those damn, dirty Orcs … they must die!

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3 Responses to “ Orcs Must Die! and you must interact! ”

  1. You can come visit us any time you like. Give me a head’s up and we’d be happy to have you come through!

  2. I saw some vids of this one at PAX .. looking forward to it! Thanks Deac. that interactive thing was a trip lol

  3. awesome Six!!!

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