Monday Mixup, SwiftKey X

I wanted to take this day and introduce a new thing that will be coming on various Mondays of the month.  The Monday Mixup takes a look at some things outside the gaming atmosphere so to speak.  We all have various likes that go beyond gaming and I thought it’d be nice to expand on the few things I’ve introduced here that cover other aspects of what interests everyone.

Our first Monday Mixup takes a look at what we all literally do everyday.  We’re all on our smartphones sending emails and text messages to those we love and sometimes those we don’t.  If you have an Android smartphone, then you know the stock keyboard leaves much to be desired.  SwiftKey X is a keyboard that takes prediction and ease to the next level on Android compared to the default keyboard.  The thing quite honestly scared me the way it learns what you’re about to say.

You can adjust the settings of it to pick up your Gmail habits, Facebook habits and Twitter habits.  Each time you send a tweet or post a status update, it learns and the next time you attempt a tweet it will likely spell it out for you … seriously.  You can give the SwiftKey X keyboard a different look as well.  I’m partial to Neon for some strange reason.

It’s not perfect but it’s definitely a step up over the default keyboard.  You’ll run into some prediction problems initially and the design of the buttons will take some getting used to but as you use it, the more comfortable it becomes.  Take a look at the gallery below to see a few settings and how it looks.

Cost: $3.94
For: Android phone, Android tablet

What’s the word: If you’re looking to get a new keyboard because the stock isn’t cutting it, look into SwiftKey X and let your keyboard talk for you.

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