Want your PS3 to be an Xbox 360?

Why ask that question when I know the answer is HELL YEAH you do?!  I’m here to tell you exactly how to turn your PlayStation 3 into an Xbox 360.  It’s easy.  All you have to do is go out and purchase a Power A Pro Elite controller.  You’ve heard me talk quite a bit about it during the show and on the site.  It might be an “older” model for Power A but what I felt when I held it was nothing but awesome.  I wish I had a chance to play with it.  The one drag I’ve always had with playing the PS3 is the awful controller.  I know some of you PS3 faithful will argue that point but to me it sucks.  Power A should be awarded some sort of Nobel Gaming Prize for what they’ve made possible.

Even though I didn’t get up close time with it, it does maintain the same design as Power A’s fresher lineup of controllers.  The Power A Air Flo controllers for PS3 have the same dual analog stick placements as the standard 360 controller.  That makes a ton of difference for me when it comes to enjoying a game.  I fired up some Mortal Kombat and was kicking all kinds of ass with it … the kind of ass kicking usually reserved for when I use the 360 controller.  I would’ve loved to test the wireless Air Flo to see if there was any delay.

I don’t want to make this all about the Power A brand for PS3 though because I was able to try out the Power A Batarang controller for the Xbox 360.  After playing several minutes of Batman: Arkham City, I didn’t even notice the difference between it and a regular 360 controller.  What I didn’t get to see though is what Kirk Heinrich from BDA Inc. (he’s the Power A marketing guy) was the cool changes you could do to the controller.  You could choose from seven different LED colors and really make the controller stand out.  He cycled through them and each time it was a new controller.

I’m hoping I’ll have more hand’s on time with these two controllers before the game ships so I can let you guys and girls know where to spend your money.  First impressions though are really positive for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 offerings from Power A.  I know you guys don’t want wires on your controllers and that’s the one drawback to any 3rd party accessory maker.  However, until Microsoft allows them to create a wireless controller option for the 360 you’ll have to deal with that.  It’s not something Power A or any other 3rd party developer controls.

So my friends … if you’ve been itching to get some more time out of your PS3 and the controller is stopping you, then this looks like a good option.  I know you all want to go wireless with it so I’ll see if I can get a review of the wireless option.  And for those of you who don’t mind wires for the 360 and you’re a big Batman fan … check the Batarang out.

What say you?

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10 Responses to “ Want your PS3 to be an Xbox 360? ”

  1. “Even though I didn’t get up close time with it”

    FAIL! Those controllers are notorious for having DEAD ZONES with the Analog Sticks!

    Puff, Puff…. PASS!!!

  2. hence why i wanted hand’s on duh :)

  3. No thanks. I happen to love my DS3. Plus I hate stupid looking generic 3rd party controllers.

  4. #failrefusaltotrynewthings … what’s a DS3?

  5. #failfornotknowingwhatDS3means. Dualshock 3, you troll.

  6. Agreed, the PS3 controller sucks.

  7. lmao Kin … how can one troll his own post ? #kinfail

  8. yep it does Raybey

  9. Those are purrrty lights

  10. yes they are Nina :)

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