The Daily Show Weekly Recap July 29

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Here’s what you missed.

Recap Links and Highlights

Monday July 25

Movies to games: Deac finished Transformers™ : War for Cybertron™

Chris Charla talks about rising arcade price

Google+ and rumored games to come

Deac goes into AVATAR FORM!

Call of Duty XP tickets are now on sale

Do you want to be a part of our Avatar show? Shoot us an email

Tuesday July 26

bluetooth enabled Xbox 360 wireless headset

Do game developers need a union?

Jersey Shore and Xbox? -see Aug 4th-

Thursday July 28

Sex sells

From Dust

Bears for Kinect!

Battleship movie looks awesome

Achievements now available for revisited Resident Evil game

Female Shepard will be chosen by YOU!

Friday July 29

The Gunstringer

Nintendo Talk

MORE Nintendo Talk

Pixel Blocked

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