Limited Edition Star Wars Kinect console

Who didn’t see this coming?  And even if you did, you’d be hard pressed not to admit that it’s pretty cool for Star Wars fans.  Microsoft kicked off the Comic-Con madness with a reveal of a Star Wars Kinect Limited Edition console and Kinect sensor!  The limited edition is a 320GB console and has a R2D2 theme to it complete with custom Star Wars sounds for when you turn the console on.  I’m not really feeling the look of the console.

Not only do you get the style of Star Wars on the console but you also get the first variation of the Kinect sensor itself.  The Kinect Sensor comes in white to match everything else.  The controller is meant to mimic C3PO’s style.  I like it.  The limited edition also comes with the Star Wars Kinect game as well as Kinect Adventures.

How much will you pay for this bad boy?  You can have it for $449.

“There were probably a few Star Wars fans in the audience who can’t wait to become the Jedi with their trusted droids C-3PO and R2D2 alongside,” said David Dennis, group program manager for Xbox.

“Rabid Star Wars fans tend to congregate at Comic-Con, so we decided to announce there and geek out right alongside some of the biggest fans around,” said Dennis.

Attention to detail was a critical part of the project, and the results should delight Star Wars fans around the world. The Xbox team worked closely with LucasArts to ensure the Kinect game and Xbox hardware faithfully captured the details, characters and themes of the Star Wars universe, Dennis explained. In fact, they had to win approval from the Jedi Council itself – a real LucasArts team that vets all Star Wars-related products.

“For the biggest fans, Star Wars was a franchise you literally grew up with over 10 years,” Dennis said. “We’ve all had countless mock lightsaber duels with friends. This game is the first time you get to become a Jedi in the Star Wars universe on your own TV, and it’s going to be awesome.”

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