Happy 4th, grab Unscripted 360 picture packs again

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. The picture packs for Unscripted 360 are back on the Marketplace. What better way to celebrate the day off than a video to show you exactly how to download them and support the movement!  If you have them already, then tell a friend to download them so they can be cool like you already are.

Picture Pack #2 is only 100 Microsoft Points and Picture Pack #1 comes in at 50 Microsoft Points.

Add On’s & Extras > Themes > Titles A-Z > Universtiy Collection > Extras > See All Extras > Scroll to find the Picture Packs

They’re hidden really well aren’t they? No worries…just follow the bold directions above or just watch the video below.  They’re still the best community picture packs ever!  So don’t hesitate to get them while you still can and share the word while they’re still available.

Big shout out to HazyCloud for the head’s up and aka_Scratch for the awesome video!  The people of U360 are teh awesome!

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  1. How did you get them back up Deac? I thought they gave you the big NO last time you tried to have them available again.

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