Mike’s Rage, How Gamers Fail Themselves

Ready for another dose of Truth Serum?  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Truth Serum, it’s a feature on the site that is “in your face” with the hard truth.  Well it may not be an actual truth but it’s one person just airing out his or her truth on any subject.

This is another adrenaline shot of Mike’s Rage for you to digest.  This time he’s setting his sights on me, you and any gamer out there who has failed the industry.

Mike’s Rage “VanQuish lost… How Gamers Fail Themselves”

Hello fellow gamers.  How are you today?  Are we winning???

Well I’m not feeling the winning because I’m right here with you failing like Charlie did with Two and a Half Men.  Oh I know you are feeling a little defensive but it’s ok to let loose and accept the fact that we are all failing with our gaming hobby in one way or another.  So I apologize and ask the gaming Gods to forgive us for thou have sinned against them.  How you ask?  Developers have made refreshing new IPs this generation that have failed in sales due to us failing in our support for them.  Our fail will not only be the developer’s downfall but the downfall of gaming as we once knew it.  Follow me now as I break down The What, The How and The Why of how we have failed and the end result because of it.  

The What -

So to know what we have failed in is to give great examples of amazing games that bombed in sales.  I have one truly special gem in mind and that gem is VanQuish,  a new core IP from a tried and true, once beloved developer (Platinum Games aka Clover Studios).  No wonder Capcom fails huh?  I also have to say it’s the best game I have ever had the pleasure of playing even edging out Borderlands in single player gameplay.  VanQuish is in a league of its own but I never gave it much thought before playing it.  I only knew that some people on the internet were talking highly of it and it had somewhat good ratings.

However, like you are probably feeling towards me now, it’s all just opinions to easily toss aside and second-guess.  So I waited and waited for VanQuish to get cheap not knowing the harm in doing so for the future of the title.  Like many of you, I didn’t even give it a chance until it hit the bargain bin.  Hell, many still haven’t given it a chance. What a shame for all of us.

The sad part is that we will not get to “VanQuish” the story unless a gaming miracle is bestowed upon us.  That sales speak louder than quality in our society and that a publisher will not want to go back to ever touch a sales failure again, is a shame.  That’s not all..you know what is the truly sad part?  Platinum Games also made another highly rated core game in Bayonetta (which Deacon loved and rightfully so) and sadly that had poor sales as well.  When games of this caliber fail, we all lose.  We lose the chance of a great sequel and we lose the developer if they go under.  Well, it even may dictate what they do next.  Do they take a big chance on spending millions to make a deep involving core IP or do they create a few cheaper ones that can have a greater chance of recouping costs?

The How -

So how did we let this happen?  I’m not sure really but I’ll give you my feelings based on how I failed myself, the IPs, the developers and all gamers.  I believe it starts with gamers frowning on $60 games and being accustomed to only spending that price on the ridiculously hyped games, important exclusives or mega-hit sequels.  I never gave new unknown IPs like VanQuish, Bayonetta, Singularity or Metro 2033 much thought or even read much about them.  I let myself down and did what no true gamer should do!   I only cared about what I knew to be a “hyped” IP or one based on past installments that did reasonably well.  I bought into the media machine and had a blind eye to those that could be just as good but suffered from a lower marketing budget.

The Why -

Now why should we care about poorly advertised IPs?  If we don’t care, games that come in under the radar like VanQuish, Bayonetta, Singularity and Metro 2033 have a very poor chance to succeed.  Quality developers like Platinum Games or Raven won’t get further publishing deals or a possibly a bigger budget for future games with a lack of interest from us core gamers.  They will move on to other types of games or go under altogether and that’s not winning for anyone.

The End Result -

We all will fall into a comfort zone with the same type of hyped IPs over and over.  We will experience less fresh and new.  Our comfort with the same type of game IPs gets in the way of trying poorly marketed IPs.  We will keep losing and put ourselves in a world with the same old crapola if things don’t change.  It’s no longer the same as it used to be where developers could have many poor selling IPs with one major hit to keep them afloat.  Game development costs are much more than they used to be and one or two failures can close you down for good.

So please, be on the lookout of the hidden gems that need your support to survive in this tough industry.  No matter the publisher (even big ones like EA) because all they are trying to do is get their game to market any way they can.  Just because the publisher or developer can’t advertise it well enough to reach every crack in the gaming industry, doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time.

- Mikewarrior

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21 Responses to “ Mike’s Rage, How Gamers Fail Themselves ”


    I think Sega is a terrible publisher. This is a solid game that Microsoft SHOULD have pushed, ESPECIALLY because it was an exclusive.

    Bayonetta got more coverage than Vanquish and sold better I believe.

  2. Who in their right mind is gonna waste 60 bucks on a 3 hours game with no multiplayer or anything to do after you beat it the same day you got it? Is obvious why Vanquish bombed… Money doesn’t grow in trees and there were tons of better options you know.

  3. Good artice Mike. While I had experience playing both Vanquish(played the demo)and Bayonetta(which I bought), I think each of us as gamers have different preferences when it comes to gaming. Not everyone is going to like the same types of games so I can’t blame gamers for not supporting these titles because perhaps most of them don’t prefer these types of games. Like the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

    For example, I’m not a big fan of RPG’s or MMO’s like Final Fantasy or Mass Effect but there is a core audience for those types of games that keeps developers in business. I’m not mad at those individuals who like those types of games, it’s just not my cup of tea. I remember seeing demos for both Vanquish and Bayonetta and I tried them both but Bayonetta won me over. For someone else, Vanquish could have won them over instead. For another person, both games would be trash in their eyes. It’s just a matter of preference.

  4. wow, Deac.. you really need to stop encouraging this shit. AVP all over again. NEWS FLASH: no one gives a shit about these games because they’re shit! 3rd rate games that debuted at under the $60 mark as it is. what do you think that tells you about a game?? not to mention the fact that there are tons of better options out there for gamers to buy. mike just likes to disagree with everyone. he like a hipster. “oh i liked that before it got popular then they sold out and now its shit” lol, this article is a joke!

  5. And about Bayonetta, I bought that game day one because I’m a fan of hack & slash games and I thought it was a crappy game. GOWIII, Ninja Gaiden and even DMC4 were better than that garbage that EDGE scored with a 10. Bayonetta came out last year and if you play it now it feels so outdated is crazy… DMC4 is much more older but for some reason it doesn’t feel as outdated.

  6. Bayonetta was pretty awesome

  7. Jeremy… No way in Hell is VanQuish a 3 hour game. Its’ also a game that takes skill to master, and something many gamers would want to play more than once.

  8. EYEGotcha… While I agree gamers have different tastes in games, the best selling types of games in the Western market are shooters at the heart of their gameplay. Games like CoD/Halo/Gears/GTA, and even hybrid games like Mass Effect/Borderlands have a huge shooting presents.

    So a game like VanQuish (With what I hear from Deac) didn’t really have a proper Demo, and should have fit perfectly among those great selling shooters. Of course the style of game preference comes into play, but with every article you have to generalize due to me not being able to cater to everyone. I’m pretty sure I can give a game example in every genre that should have sold better than it did, but I wanted to give examples of similar caliber to Western styled games, and most notably Shooters.

  9. pH… You should really give the games a try before you talk crap on them. I know you are a huge CoD follower, but to call these games shit is uncalled for. I’m sue I can go through your games played list and name many inferior games to what I have acknowledged. They are of very good quality, and everyone who I referred Borderlands/Singularity to, liked them very much (Hell, even Metro 2033 is highly regarded in the gaming community)… I know it will be more of the same for VanQuish.

    Please, just because a game doesn’t sell well, or drops in price doesn’t always reflect the quality of the product.

  10. @ Mikewarrior, Vanquish is a different type of shooter compared to the different shooter games you mentioned previously. Maybe that’s what turned people off because it wasn’t the typical shooter although I appreciate something different being brought to the table. I think you kind of shot your self in the foot by saying it’s a good game but you didn’t play Vanquish until after the price drop.

  11. EYEGotcha… VanQuish is not that much different than Gears Of War in gameplay… It’s a 3rd person shooter with cover mechanics. Sure no game is exact, but it falls into the same category. I also didn’t shoot myself in the foot, because I actually bring up the fact that I did a disservice to the developers of the game by not giving it a chance until it went cheap.

  12. I have to agree with Mike on this. Metro 2033 deserved so much more attention than it received. Loved that game.

  13. This is without a doubt the biggest pile of trash I’ve ever read. “accept the fact that we are all failing with our gaming hobby in one way or another” – speak for yourself you pathetic, hypocritical bastard. You know who fails gaming? Sad, lonely, old men who spend every day bullying kids on Internet forums, rather than actually PLAYING games. The same guys who spend every day posting negative bullshit on the Internet. About how a game they know absolutely nothing about, isn’t worth $60. Just because some other equally pathetic losers on the Internet said something bad about the game. The same guys who spend over $4000 on a custom arcade piece of shit (to think people are jealous of that – laughable), because “All games are terrible this gen” Those are the people who fail OUT hobby, because they don’t truly support OUR hobby.

    You constantly whine about new IP and criticise sequels, but you just don’t have a fucking clue. Every sequel that comes out, stems directly from a successful new IP *looks at Kingdom Hearts*. Why doesn’t that compute in your tiny troglodyte brain? If a game is amazing, then it should spawn multiple sequels. That’s how you build up something called a fanbase – people who actually buy games at full price.

    I find it hilarious that this is about Vanquish of all games, another third rate TPS. Then you brought Bayonetta into it aswell. That is indeed rofl worthy. I can’t believe you praise two terrible games so highly. You know why they failed to sell? Because there are SO MANY of those types of game on 360 and PS3, that are BETTER, that people are spending money on instead. How do I know they’re terrible? Because I have a friend who supports Sega as I support Square Enix. He bought those games full price at launch. So his opinion is worth a billion times what yours is. He knows their games, as I know Square Enix games. You want to talk about how gamers fail? How about all those that write off every RPG that isn’t a shooter. Blue Dragon, Eternal Sonata, Lost Odyssey, Magna Carta II, Phantasy Star Universe, Resonance of Fate, Tales of Vesperia. All amazing games that didn’t sell like any shooter would on 360. Ignorant arseholes like you don’t like games like that. But do I blame you for their poor sales? No, because I respect that fact that RPG is a genre which requires a certain taste. But people who like those games, buy those games, including ‘hidden gems’ which few hear of. We don’t fail our hobby, so fuck you.

    You also show your usual hypocrisy by saying it should be exclusive. Like that makes a better game, which it doesn’t in any way. You want Microsoft to buy the developer, but then you post about the guy leaving Lionhead due to Microsoft failing. You are so full to the brim of shit it’s unreal. Oh, and “Please, just because a game doesn’t sell well, or drops in price doesn’t always reflect the quality of the product.” I hope you get ran over on that high road you think you’re walking on. Astounding that you come out with those exact words, after laughing at Final Fantasy XIII being $14.99. Which is only that price because it DID sell, to be released as an Xbox 360 Classic/Platinum Hit. Showing your idiotic ignorance as always.

    If Deac is bigging you up now, like your opinion is worth ANYTHING, then I’m definitely never coming back. Even if/when he updates the site for the next gen Xbox. Where you are, I am NOT. I’m too busy buying and playing games, enjoying and supporting my hobby, to listen to another word of your bullshit. It’s not that I can’t handle it, it’s that I shouldn’t have to, and really can’t be bothered. I have better things to do, than waste my time on an annoying, arrogant, ridiculing twat. You might spend every day commenting on how negative the world is Mike, but at least other people have family and especially. I used to have some respect for you, and sympathy at times. But you’re a lonely negative bastard, with nothing better to do than bring everyone down with you. You deserve nothing, and that’s what you’re getting from me.

    Do you know what the best part is? These are my last words, and I won’t be back to see what garbage you have to reply with. So I am winning, and you can’t do fuck all about it. Now I am laughing as you so often put it *has the last laugh – Hahahahahaha* Peace out U360, I’m glad I have all the friends I met from here on MSN/Facebook etc. so at least I won’t lose that. Good luck with your Daily Show and FiftyOne Marketing Harris. I’ll see you on one of your all-so-awesome Facebook posts lol.

  14. If there are any other doubters of VanQuish… Please read this – http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=427792

  15. yeah that was an awesome review!!!!! “I skipped almost every cutscene after seeing the first couple. I don’t really give a shit about story in vidya so it didn’t both me.” makes me want to go out and buy it right now!!!!

  16. pH… Some people don’t care about CGI story-lines, he just loved the gameplay… Find a better example please. lol

  17. it was your example…….

  18. family and especially FRIENDS* Now that was definitely my last. Enjoy typing out a response for yourself Mike, because I aint reading it

  19. lol oh Astrid

  20. pH… Obviously you didn’t read all those other examples huh?

    Nanakai, Sorry my feelings hurt you so. I let Developers down, and you now… Man I am terrible. lol

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