Daily Show begins, set your alarms

The Unscripted 360 Daily Show begins today.  What better way to kick it off than with some fresh off the press E3 2011 news!  Sit back and join in on discussing the hottest highlights in gaming today.  I think as the Daily Show goes on, you’ll come to appreciate having your own ESPN style recap of highlights during the week.  Listen to the Daily Show intro.

We all know how news gets old quickly so hopefully this idea will keep things fresh and it won’t seem like we’re rehashing the same old same.  There’s something to talk about in gaming nearly every day so we should have plenty of “material”.

Those of you with a PC and microphone (which should be everyone) can now interact directly with the show with a live call from your PC!  You don’t have to watch your cell phone minutes or phone bills anymore because the new show gives you the option to call in from your PC!  I’ve tried it and it works.

There’s this thing called ShoePhone built into each show that allows it.  And it’s free!

The chat option and call in options are now available to everyone without having to register an account. I’d like for you not to be anonymous but it’s your choice now.

The option to call while on the road or from home is still available. You can find the call in # above. Simply dial it, enter the pin, press #1 and you’ll be taken live to the show.  I’m still working out a few things but I hope you all will join me to kick this thing off properly. See ya tonight!

When: Today
E3 2011 and whatever else happened today
Time: 4:30PM PST / 6:30PM CST / 7:30PM EST
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 52438
Link: Live Daily Show

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  1. ill be there! especially when some skyrim content comes out ;)

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