Xbox adds military address billing, finally

Military personnel rejoice because you can finally use that APO of yours as an address for Xbox Live.  For a long time military gamers have wanted to use their military state as an address but could not.  This should ease some of the frustration that our soldiers and Marines endure.

Just head to your billing section and update your profile.  Xbox LIVE now accepts AA (Armed Forces of the Americas), AE (Armed Forces Europe) and AP (Armed Forces Pacific) as options for credit card addresses.

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4 Responses to “ Xbox adds military address billing, finally ”

  1. Props to our US Military! THE BEST IN THE WORLD!

  2. Have you played Command & Conquer? Nothing beats a British sniper

  3. The British military is always working for the US Military :)

  4. respect for the military, they sacirifice alot

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