Best of the April Fool’s pranks?

I didn’t have time to play around on the internet this past Friday.  There are usually a lot of cool and interesting April Fool’s Day pranks on the web.  Was there any out there that were your favorite?

I think the one I hated the most was from my friends at NinjaBee Studios.  They gave us Deathlings in their little World of Keflings and I can’t figure out exactly what the hell it is.  Check out the video below.

See any out there worth sharing?

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5 Responses to “ Best of the April Fool’s pranks? ”

  1. I didn’t see this one until yesterday but they really went all out with Guild Wars 2. They add a modern combat commando class to their fantasy game.

    It looks pretty funny and it’s really well done for a joke.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed Destructoid’s prank. They took their site back to old school style and you had to call or fax in comments! Hilarious :D

  3. what video below ?

    You have been banned from posting on the forums until 02-02-2159 7:17 AM. The reason for this ban is Other. Please return to participate in the forums after the ban has elapsed.

    Nice April fools you did there Deac… XBL message and everything. :^/

  5. must not have taken effect yet

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