Necromorphs to iPhone, GA5 has Dead Space concept art

Dead Space 2 is just around the corner and I know you boys and girls are ready to get some plasma cutter action on against those Necromorphs.  With that said, I know you’d like to know that EA is sending those damn Necros to a mobile phone near you soon too.  Dead Space is headed to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! (yeah all the i’s)  Can you imagine being Isaac and slicing Necromorphs with your Line Gun right on your phone?

And it’s looking really good as you can see from the concept art courtesy of Gaming After Five (GA5).  Iron Monkey and EA are going some serious justice to Dead Space on this platform.  There’s even an exclusive weapon just for this version.

Dead Space Concept Art – you can check out all the concept art here

repulsive necromorph

Development sketch of advanced necromorph.  Huge and repulsive, remnants of human parts can be seen absorbed into its mass.w shapes / elements into the silhouette.

I hope I’ll be able to get a review of this up alongside my Dead Space 2 review after both launch.  You should know I’m a big fan of Dead Space so I’ll be all over these two releases!

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19 Responses to “ Necromorphs to iPhone, GA5 has Dead Space concept art ”

  1. Thats some good looking artwork. I need to play Dead Space before number 2 rolls out. Been meaning too, just have not got around to it.

  2. Awesome concept art. The exclusive weapon looks deadly.

  3. when is this coming out? I keep checking the app store. I don’t see it.

    I can’t wait for DS2. few days away, but can’t pick up my copy till next friday.

    hey Deac, we need an Unscripted night for some multiplayer with this one.

  4. I’ve been broke for a while but I love going to the Super Sayain 4 level of broke-ness right before a game I want badly is coming out. :’( Time to go make some hover cars to fund my gaming. :p

  5. i think it’s coming out soon Dragoon…i’ll ask about the release date so you can grab it from the app store…and yeah that weapon looks bad azz!

    a night of fun on Dead Space 2 is a given :)

  6. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tudor Nita, gamingafter5. gamingafter5 said: @EAMobile is sending @isaacclarke and his Necromorphs to an iPhone near you! < check some concept art! [...]

  7. yah i need to beat DS1!

  8. It’s amazing how far iPhone gaming has come. I remember in the first days of the app store what was being released. Now you look at a game like Infinity Blade and it’s like omfg.

  9. It sure is. While I love my android, the market is just not as good as the App Store for the iPhone. Getting there but has a little ways to go to catch up.

  10. I’ve never played the first Dead Space but the IPhone version looks very nice! I might have to scrape my pennies together and pick this up LOL. These IPhone games are almost better than any PSP/Nintendo DS games.

  11. CoWorker is going to let me borrow the first Dead Space. Want to play though it before getting number 2.

  12. Lol in which universe GameSkills, in which universe!?

  13. I said almost Nanakai. LOL

  14. Touch gaming is overrated.

    Dead Space is an awesome series and story though. I need to finish #1!

  15. I agree touch gaming for me is just for mini games or casual offerings.

  16. touch gaming is a little awkward with FPS and some 3rd person shooters…but some of them make it work really well.

  17. Dead Space launches at 9PM PST tonight on iPhone :)

  18. Touch gaming is a little awkward to get used to but still fun none the less.

  19. I can’t play this game until I beat Dead Space #1 LOL

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