Back for more, in a Hot Pursuit of a new year!

Hello Unscripted 360….I’m back!  Well I wasn’t actually missing but I’m back from a much needed vacation over the new year.  It’s 2011 and I’m ready to get this show going again in another exciting year.  Are you with me?  Of course you are…you better be!

Here’s a new year goodie for you all to digest.  It’s the Need for Speed Hot Pursuit review from Gaming After Five.  I know quite a few of you are into mobile gaming and where better to get an awesome take on mobile gaming than GA5.  I put these videos on the front page as well to highlight the other areas of gaming that we’re all interested in.

In regards to Hot Pursuit on the iPhone and iPod Touch, I believe we’re gearing up for a community event on Xbox Live with Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for the Xbox 360.  I’ll get with Dangerdoll on the date for this.

And I wanted to send a shout out to December’s PPP winner, x352x PH…congrats amigo.  After filtering through the comments and making sure they weren’t done in jest, he squeaked out a win for the December goodie.  If he doesn’t confirm, you guys and girls know the drill.

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  1. hahaha too funny. Congrats to ph! *wink wink*

    Someone told me this game is basically like Burnout with cop cars.

    I don’t see a need to pick this up. If it reaches the bargain bin though I may pick it up if it falls under $9.99 :)

  2. Same here BPD I only have Burnout Rvenge and I need something new. Might get Blur or Split Second when they get cheap as well I guess.

  3. Congrats pH. Back to the article, this is one of the games I will be picking up soon. I enjoy the Need For Speed games and have heard nothing but good things for this game.

  4. Friend at work has it on the console and he loves it. Keeps trying to talk me into getting it. I had already planned on getting it. Just not sure when.

  5. I missed out on EA’s sale on ITunes. :( Christmas really broke me! But I did get NFS Hot Pursuit for Christmas and it is a great game.

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