Create a wrestler and get your own action figure!

I’ve seen some pretty cool incentives for contests in my day and this is perhaps one of the coolest yet.  Who doesn’t want themselves (or their creation) immortalized as an action figure?!  I know I do!  THQ and WWE are staging a Create-A-Superstar contest for the best creation in WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 that you can come up with.

If your Superstar is the best, they’ll make an action figure out of it!  I’m so gonna do this!  Prepare for The Deaconator or something.

Head over to the official rules for the Create-A-Superstar contest and get creative!  Entries will be judged and based on the following criteria: Creativity, Awesomeness, and Originality. The development team will select their favorite to declare the Grand Prize Winner. All entries must be submitted by December 18th.

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8 Responses to “ Create a wrestler and get your own action figure! ”

  1. Are you ready to RUMBLE?

    Create the Harris Supah-Stah!

  2. lol Deac posting his WWE stuff. cool contest though

  3. sweet this looks fun

  4. I wanted to do this but you have to have the game to make the wrestler. Then link your game to the website.

  5. that sucks man

  6. Ahhh lame I don’t want the game. Plus the chances of winning were so low pobably anyways.

  7. yeah me too, i don’t think i would do that well making a custom wrestler. I would base them off of superheros for the coustumes

  8. I want my action figure to have orange johncena wristbands orange johncena shirt bright blue shorts

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